5 Free Software That Are Actually Great!

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These are 5 free software for your computer that are great!. Most of these programs are on Windows, Mac, and Linux. These free software are the best for editing, playing media and other purposes. Some will be impressed how amazing and cool this software is and that you can get all these programs for free. So, enjoy these 5 cool free software.

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Free Software Series (Playlist): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLunpbmfrhFAWJA4lSDmRYJdcsEpjAuRdz

Speccy: https://www.piriform.com/speccy
VLC Media Player: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html
WPS Office Free: https://www.wps.com/office-free
LibreOffice: https://www.libreoffice.org/download/download/
Gimp: https://www.gimp.org/
Ninite: https://ninite.com/
GetMacApps: http://www.getmacapps.com/

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oiljerk says:

It's too bad that VLC doesn't play GIF files in Windows 10, in fact, the only thing I have found to play Gif's in 10 is Windows Media Player.

rob hindley says:

http://www.blender.org for the best open source 3d/2d animation and video program. Completely free and extremely useful.

D Sim says:

To reduce the learning curve on GIMP try GIMPSHOP instead. It's a Photoshop GUI implementation of GIMP.

Erebus Sattler says:

Thanks for the detailed information displayed in the video. I started to use all of them except GIMP as I have Movavi Photo Editor. Very user-friendly too.

Tiffani Pufee says:

thks, nice and useful list of softwares. .. also, there is this useful and neat utility called FolderChanger which I use to manage and organize my computer folders. You can find it if you google for "folderchanger"

MIWPuppets says:

freeware != free software

X Xx says:

I use open office as an alternative to Microsoft power point but its writer , which is similar to word but not very user friendly. Plus open office presentations can't be opened by power point. Could you please check it out because I tried wps and didn't really like that it had all those payment – only features.

Szymon Warunek says:

but what about Blender!! – especially version 2.79 – it's free

Alltips 24 says:

you are actually great post i like it

Jean Deschamps says:

+techGumbo did you know about a free software to manage ticket, such as Zendesk or FreshDesk? Thanks in advance. Great channel.

ZaKath ZaKath says:

Build next Aros os amiga from old computer parts and see how fast it can be you would suprise or laptop with Aros os.

Minhaj Imam says:

Thanks for sharing new things, do you have free screen recorder and video editing software?

Sam Ram says:

This was good one. The alternative to MS Office. Can you include some list of free/open source software tools for accounting, payroll maintainance, bookkeeping functionalities all in one.

Wolverine Logan says:

Sir can you please give me a link which I can download pes (football game for my laptop)?

FreeSoftware says:

03:31 but wait.. there's an even better idea: LibreOffice [formerly OpenOffice] works fantastic with GNU/Linux 😉
04:55 Yeah – first thing: go to "Windows" – "Single-window-mode"

Maximillian Brozinic says:

I learned to use K-Lite with media player classic around 10 years ago, since VLC lagged. Is K-Lite still to prefer?

Roska Hiiri says:

but wait what would you need ninite on linux for anyways as you have the app center

FadoBianco says:

Great! very professional

Pyabhasho Art-Design says:

Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP) Is one of the best Media Player I Know. it has no Limitation, except your computer hardware. I using it for several years and didn't found any better player. Try it out.

Peter Edin says:

None of these programs work for me, I use a BBC Model B 🙂

My Op!n!on Music says:

hello can i have help, do you know any free software that you can create visulizers for music, like in a way that after affects would? because i cant afford after affects and need a visulizer program that works

Most Mysterious says:

Really great video. Thank you.

IzualYang says:

The international version of WPS suite is quite good, but the original chinese version is full of ads & bundled software

K.E Green says:

Hi TechGumbo, love your Youtube channel I am a Subscriber. Do you know where I can find the best free Zip-file Software? I hope you can do a Youtube video on this. Please keep making these video they have been a great help to me.

Miguel Oliveira says:

I would like To now The best program To read ePub files and Theo best To donwload all facebook content…… thanks

mgbeiler says:

I'm going to show this to my technology classes in public high school…thx.

Crabby Crab says:

Speccy: My Eset telling me this is bad, what do i do? Thank you

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