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Follow this tutorial to learn how to create an Exclusive Logo Badge in the fastest and easiest way. This style of Logos are quite trendy. We’ll build up the design with vector shapes, then apply some new techniques to give it an unique and memorable appearance.

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Rob-karen Kennedy-parker says:

That was very good. Thank you.

Foysal Ahamed says:

good tutorial if need more see this link

Richard Elliott says:

lol him telling me this, as if im about to do it

Wahyu Ny says:

nice tutorial.. :))

Mark Cabangon says:


Michael Ritsch says:

stealing others design is awful.


fucking awsome channel go for it

Sourav Hossain says:

Hello sir
I believe in my heart that I can keep the work properly.
I'll be grateful if you give me the opportunity.

Mohsin Shah says:

I like this tutorial best for learner

seoltang'93 says:

i don't know if it's only me or it is a global feeling… but i feel dirty every time i use those free vector websites (and i use them A. LOT.) because as a designer i feel that all i'm doing are compositions. anyway, i swear if those websites wouldn't exist i'd be so fucked up XDD!! it's like a love-hate relationship because it really helps and save tons of time, but at the same time i feel i'm not being… original? creative and inventive enough? it doesn't matter anyway cuz i'm an average designer xP but yeah! does anyone feel the same? xD

awesome tut btw!! thanks!

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