10 Cool Gadgets On Amazon You Must See

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10 Cool Gadgets On Amazon You MUST See

Welcome to a new episode of this series, today we count down our picks for the top 10 cool gadgets you can find and buy on amazon.

Gadgets List:

Razer Turret gaming http://a.co/6OYcmuh
Ring http://a.co/6C7ZqKp
Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder http://a.co/iCG1q94
WineOvation http://a.co/hOf0YsJ
Freefly ALTA 8 http://a.co/5Wl3gGG
Ztylus iPhone 6s Plus Camera Kit http://a.co/cqvu4JD
Pavlok http://a.co/5L9aPzx
Pod 2 GPS http://a.co/5sdEAN9
PICTAR. the best iPhone camera http://a.co/aqSthV5
AirSelfie http://a.co/6axAmKp

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kbr ravi says:

But camera quality is not so good

Kishan Kishan says:

Mujhe aapki channel pasnd I aor video bhi pasnd aaya

numb3r6 says:

kike kar @ 14:15 ….ISraeli plates

Babyface Assassin says:

pavlok will definitely give you some kinda cancer

Babyface Assassin says:

i had ring at my home and they stole ring itself :/

Babyface Assassin says:

no IsARealGamer uses wireless stuff and theres a good reason for it

Karen Kearsley says:

Add Keysie to your next list of new gadgets for women https://youtu.be/cEEN08WVxMQ

crono mixer says:

Insert a knock-knock sensor too …the thief may not use the bell…u welcome.

Rayan Delahais says:

Why is video gaming the go to example for "break bad ones"? –_

War.is.a. Racket says:

some trigger happy cop will end up shooting someone going to a wine party with that gun opener hahaha

Evelanced says:

We all , gamers, know that wireless stuff is 9/10 shit and the mousepad way to small is… the only positive thing is, is that razer made it.

Sim One says:

The gadget fantastic!!
Do not respond

WooLibrary says:

Amazon Black Friday deals are LIVE NOW: http://www.woolibrary.com/blackfriday2017

sumer fattoum says:

silly stuff

Atomic_Crasher says:

what is the product on your thumbnail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hibi Honoml says:

Hindu parge mata pergi

Mike Dee says:

I fucking hate these people that post a picture and it's completely different

Xavier Croza says:

i want playing things

Zander Kane says:

Why the fuck would i want to make my Iphone look like an old camera, fucking idiots

Eco Star says:

If I wanna find cool stuff this channel is the first place i go to I love all your video's

Immortal Beast says:

First In the comments to say first even tho I'm not actually first

Phoenix says:


Brady Beauregard says:

I love your channel!! Great vid!

HEALER 07 says:

wooo I am early!

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