NO FOOD for 28 DAYS (Results)

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Disclaimer: Please do not try water fasting at home without medical supervision, I am not responsible for you or your health.

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TheProGamerJay says:

Starting weight (Beginning of the video): 247lbs
Day 1 Of Fast Weight: 220lbs
Day 28 Of Fast Weight: 169lbs

Mohammad Fauzi says:


Grow With Me says:

Can I do same 28 day water fast jay

Golden gamer HQ says:

Fasting is praying and drinking nothing but water

Tianyu Zhang says:

it probably took him around half a year at no way this could be possible in 28 days. Nevertheless its still possible so to all those obese fuckers out there dont give up 🙂

Cizzie says:

I’m actually going to do this lol oh well

Deranged Perhaps says:

I’m on day 4

Leo Gastle says:

This is litteraly impossible

Amanda Brookman says:

Gargle in salt water and sea salt water to get the white off your tongue.✌️

Amanda Brookman says:

If you did like I did food makes me not want it but I do eat . I now can taste the wildness and meet.

Technologically Mad ♫♫ says:

what about taking vitamines (1 pill a day) and Amino Acid (also like 2 pills a day) or at least a protein pill so u wouldn't loose muscle matter that much

SingingMyBlue says:

I did it once for a week and lost 7 KGs. It wasn't that hard actually and it helped change my relationship with food for a while. But I actually gained it all back because I didn't watch my food intake and been eating fast food a lot.
This time I'm determined for a change, and I'm doing it for 20 days hopefully.

Already a few hours behind finishing Day 2.
I will update my progress daily.
Need your support guys!

Current weight: 75 KGs.
Goal: 60 KGs.

Alpha Omega says:

Big like!!!

Bachloliyaan unlimited says:

I belong to jainism and fasting is part of our religion . My grandmother did fast for 31 days . She got really weak but is now healthy . But side affects are also there . She couldn't pass stools and got constipated . And she has started loosing hair also . And now she is diabetic ( maybe thats a coincidence ) . She has gained all the weight back

I would advise to loose weight by healthy life style and workout .


Trance_World_Artists 2014 says:

Why do people like this accent? I'm sick of it, it's basically from the south east of England, places like Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, Sussex. my fav British accent is the Bristolian accent and the Brummie accent.

Rvyne says:

I'm almost same weight (111.7kg)  as your original. Bit worried about skin loose after weight loose did you suffer any?  have you always been big and what's your height?

Houd says:

Why do so many people think you can't live that long without food. An person can live without food for a month -.-

Moose says:

Idgaf I’m under 18 I’m 15 and I am like 215lbs ima water fast it really shouldn’t be that hard for me cuz I’m Muslim and I do Ramadan every year

hani awil says:

This is insane

suman kumari says:

U look awsm

Edgar Estrada says:

I'm going to start this today (Later cause it's 2 a.m lol) but does anyone know if we can eat fruits or vegetables during the fasting?

Shadoku Exia says:

Yo i died… like if you're happy im dead

Rukaiya Shaikh says:

Can someone please please tell me does sleeping count in the evening or afternoon while water fasting?? PLEASE

Juan Ga Zapata says:

Coño tíoo no enterder nada de inglés parcero…

Bella Howard says:

You look handsome no matter what. Neec someone to talk to? My ig is nebhies

Tyler Doolin says:

So… um did you poop? hahaha

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