Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss?

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Beyoncé and Hugh Jackman are reportedly fans of intermittent fasting. The Doctors discuss how this weight loss craze works and debate its pros and cons.

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Kelsey Harriott says:

and another thing before I started IF my cholesterol levels were high and after 3 months of IF they were in the normal range so guy do ur own research cause some of these doctors are doing IF . ..

Kelsey Harriott says:

it's not skipping breakfast cause I eat my first meal around 10:30am

lorela th says:

Why should you skip breakfast and not dinner??

Jennifer Nyholm says:

Intermittant fasting is different than skipping breakfast! Its just a window of time you eat to keep insulin down. It means not snacking inbetween meals. It means either eating 3, 2 or 1 meal a day. Your window to eat can be in the morning, noon or dinner time. Carbs and prepared food is the problem with cholesterol and obesity. The Doctors need to do their homework. Watch Dr. Eric Berg on Youtube. Why don't they have him on??? And it's distracting to watch these guys with all the filler in their faces! Ugh! Rant over….thank you

Sovereign17 says:

The word doctor means to teach or to alter. These studies that are claimed to be truth are based on clinical chemistry and not bio-chemistry. Breakfast doesn't have to be about a big meal or even eating at all. Breakfast simply means that you are breaking your fast. You could say that breakfast comes at 11am or 2pm.

Jim D says:

Intermittent fasting and Ketogenic diet has changed my life and health

Cassandra says:

ugh, I hate how they talk over each other. 
Wouldn't the most important thing be eating healthy food and trying to reduce over eating?  
I think they're putting too much emphasis on  not eating breakfast. And flat out telling people to eat when they aren't hungry can lead to overeating which leads to weight gain.
And what about shift workers who don't have the typical 9-5?

Lonnie and Becka Jones says:

Do your own research dont listen to these guys/gals in the audience…

Lonnie and Becka Jones says:

I love IF!! I have a schedule of when i can eat and i feel so amazing since i have been doing this along with losing weight and no cravings for my sugar addiction. This is part of keto diet and i am loving it.

Ahmed Saber says:

Why 5 days a month. I do it on a daily basis. It's a lifestyle not a diet.


Horse shit! Intermittent fasting helped my diabetes and I lost weight. Eat clean during feasting and you'll be fine.

Chris Bowles says:

I been doing IF since may im down 70lbs 10 lbs a month im loving it

scott adams says:

Those people are eating unhealthy the rest of the days.OVEREATING IS THE. CAUSE

From Singing To Soccer says:

You guys need to do a little more research. Intermittent fasting is not skipping breakfast. You've got it totally wrong. It's having a schedule of days you eat and days you don't.

Palesa Makhetha says:

I've always skipped breakfast. My mommy taught me to eat when I was hungry & I'm just never hungry in the morning so I don't eat breakfast.
My doctor has never told me anything about it.
I get enough food everyday.

Roxy Seta says:

Intermittent fasting is more than skipping breakfast, it's a plan eating schedule where you only eat in 8 hour periods and then don't eat 16 hours. This helps you burn fat faster and is healthy… the girls comment about plaque in there hearts has nothing to do with breakfast or not that's more focused on bad food, like fried foods and lots of red meat.

Zachery Jones says:

Such illogical babble

릴리뱉リリベット says:

I'm actually fasting right now and I lost 2 pounds in a week by exercising a bit everyday.

Tracy Andrirs says:

Was that female cardiologist saying the study showed cholesterol buildup in the people who skipped breakfast? I thought food, according to the so-called experts, caused high cholesterol and clogged arteries. I myself am not of that belief anymore. Bring on the butter. Lol.
So wouldn't that synopsis go against everything they have said in the past. Skipping breakfast should actually be a positive for ones health. I have a 7 hour eating window and don't eat until 1:00 pm and nothing after 8:00 pm. Works for me. Fasting improves insulin levels and when controlling insulin levels losing weight is much easier. By the way, breakfast became the most important meal of the day when the cereal companies told us so. And we believed them. The joke was on us.

Gwen Dixon says:

get rid of mac Donald's and other unhealthy food and there would be a big change fruit and veg need to come down in price and junk ie coke, chips processed food need to be discouraged as some people buy the rubbish type food as fruit and veg work out expensive for them. I hate seeing buy one get one free deals on chips and coke and nothing on fruit and veg

Jessica N says:

A more factual representation of fasting:

Jessica N says:

Fasting reduces all sorts of diseases, and it DOES NOT involve just skipping breakfast daily (which can be unhealthy, because of the likelihood of overeating at night). If you're going to cover the studies on fasting, please do it right. You're misinforming the masses, and doing more harm than good.

Jessica N says:

Wtf, fasting is skipping all the meals. Get your shit together.

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