YouTube star under fire for video of apparent suicide victim

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Logan Paul issued an apology after posting a video showing the body of an apparent suicide victim in Japan’s Aokigahara forest.


Roblox Gamer says:

Let’s All Hope He Starts 2019 Well 🙂

Christy Mendez says:

Is the video deleted??

قدیر محمد says:

you better don't f**k with logan

BE happy! says:

What the fuck. He showed the body,

Korruption's World says:

Omg I lived in japan 3yrs…now I dont…thx va and us navy for that…*ahem..
But real talk not offended by logan paul…hes just a shock jock…now I aint defending logan paul in anyway.
But is the public outraged cuz of logans shocking taste or cuz of the reality that logan shared…did logan create suicide forest? Maybe that logan crime eh?

I do know that japan is trying to grow and it wants to be us citizens home after possible collapse.

My point is, guyz not be sooo outraged, but look at why. Suicide forest has existed long time.
But all ridiculuous aside.
Hell all logan shock jock aside in this case logan just jouralizing. Doesnt mean Id watch a single damn video of his.
If cnn broadcasted that would youtube be outraged?
So why is it fair to be mad at logan?

Sheri Kingdon says:

I know right :/

nope no chance says:


Dimondkillkart 6575 says:

He didn’t mean to

Minor106484 says:

This is fucking bullshit! Everybody posts something bad and they don't get in trouble and he fucking does? And now, you people think it is fucking okay to post this?!?! What is wrong with you people? Why the fuck would you do that? Do you even know how pissed he is gonna fucking be!?! ASSHOLES!!

Roblox Gamer says:

Y'all are Peace's of shit Logan said they didn't expect that

robesgaming - says:

Be a maviric

robesgaming - says:

ABC your woried about this the world is getting warmer and there is a war in country s and f#@* ABC

maxwell super says:

Logan Paul finds a dead body
Lp:Haha u can’t call me ugly

tater leppert says:

Did to not notice the middle fingers on the tweets

Cirriah _socool says:


zeckmon3 zeckee says:

Funny cuz i have no idea who logan paul is.

CrypticPlays Daily says:

They call subscribers followers than at the end of the video they say click here to subscribe not follow us so they use both!?!?!?!? That's even worse!

bilbo gamer109 says:

damn what a bad start to 2018!! you messed up logan pual

Titanium Llama // TTL says:

Everyone go watch Gaijin Goomba’s video on the topic to see how many lives Logan has affected by making this tasteless video.

caitxo says:

He made it on a news anchor– wtf

ligia s says:


Orange Juice says:

i thought it was suicide forest for a minute

Silver Ibex says:

Thats his biggest mistake, but his parents made much bigger mistake

Jdog Robinson says:

U suck login

Amarion Arnold says:


kellysha de jonge says:

I does watch his brother video not his

Shanya Mohammed says:

Omg he said sorry

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