OKC Thunder vs Phoenix Suns – Full Game Highlights | Jan 7, 2018 | NBA Season 2017-18

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Oklahoma City Thunder vs Phoenix Suns – Full Game Highlights | January 7, 1/7

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Rapid Highlights says:

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Jeremy King says:

We need to snatch Tyson Chandler from the Suns

Darryl Wilson says:

D Booker for MVP

Sambuddho Sulgay says:

Dragan Bender had a good scoring game at last, the potential he has is huge!!

david sanders says:

Adams should find a new team

Jude Sullano says:

I see LNU lol

oly417 says:

LNU the goat is there

Ty Shakur says:

Why were they booing Melo all of a sudden?

J so Cool says:

Who peeped lnu


Okc are trash and the big 3 just don't mesh together

Amos Antonio says:

Hell yeah AZ !

CJ Chewjore says:

Westbrook can get a triple double in his sleep, but for them to have a chance to make it to the conference finals, Melo needs to post up at least 5 possessions per game, and drive more often. As a starting power forward, he does not generate anywhere near enough free throw opportunities for himself, nor does he rebound enough; as he is dependent on low percentage jumpshots. He's a great player, but they cant win with him playing that way.

Kameron Owens says:

You mufukas are ANNOYING AF.. Your NOT gonna win them ALL! Microwave as generation expect everything fast, Rome wasn't built in a day.. Great things take time! Weirdos

BluebomberX3 says:


Chasing Chickens says:

Russ could eat that triple double but he ain't getting no ring!

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