Marine Biologist – Careers in Science and Engineering

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What’s it really like to be an engineer or a scientist? What do they really do all day? You’re about to find out! Meet the next generation of engineers and scientists in these profiles of young professionals, who may just inspire you to join them. Ayana Johnson fell in love with the ocean the moment she laid eyes on a coral reef at age five. Find out what it’s like to be a marine biologist.


Blue Dragonwolf says:

I'm a fisherman and I am going to do marine biology so yeah researching fish in a certain area through catch and release I think will benefit me

The Why says:

Were would you get a job and what would it pay? I'm an aspiring shark biologist, no doupt, but I'm having trouble thinking past college.

Doge Dude says:

I also want to be marine biologist im 10 so yeah

Michael Frymus says:

Who do marine biologists work for?
where would one find a job?

I want to know if im also able to move with my job.

mdx95 says:

4:41 What car is that?

brojly games says:

I'm 13 I have been wanting to become a marine biologist for as long as I can remember I'm gonna do it

Abigail Pinckney says:

I want to be a marine biologist too. Wish me luck. 😉

coleo 14 says:


Kaul Watson says:

Awesome job =D.

souzou1000 says:

Ayana ur office is beautiful… away from headaches lol

mega_legit_geek says:

what was the hardest part about being a marine biologist

mega_legit_geek says:

what college did you go to

zachary orender says:

How did you get to do field study ?

Greg Jenkins says:


Hybodus Shark says:

So marine biolgy is only about studying, disecting, and more studying? No 90% scuba diving? Well there goes my childhood passion 🙁

Rodolfo Martinez says:

Beautiful profession.

Devin Medina says:

How Do you make money in this field? Ive always wanted to be a marine biologist but recently i hear that there is little pay. I dont want to go to school and pay thousands of dollars to get a degree and have a low paying job. I love the ocean but I also want a decent paying carrer

Paige Robinson says:

My picture for utube i actully took it is a picture of an eletric eel

Paige Robinson says:

I love marine biolgy i am ten years old and i am very passionate about the ocean and sea life animals when u dive do ur ears pop at all???

Thayer Spicer says:

I want to be a marine biologist so bad!!!

Thayer Spicer says:

She says she's doing it for no-profit

lucero castro says:

How much you get paid?

lucero castro says:

How much you get paid

ThatGuyFromTexas says:

Ayana's story is very inspirational. Now I'm thinking about changing my major to Marine Biology.

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