Atlanta Hawks vs LA Lakers – Full Game Highlights | Jan 7, 2018 | NBA Season 2017-18

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Atlanta Hawks vs Los Angeles Lakers – Full Game Highlights | January 7, 1/7

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Rapid Highlights says:

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Got Game says:

stop posting laker videos as long as steph curry kawhi james harden and westbrook are in the west.. the lakers will not win a championship the future after that is portland and minnesota.

Kingslayer says:

Atlanta Hawks might be a shit team now but they could end up with the #1 pick in a loaded draft and have cap space to sign two max free agents this summer. They have more cap space than the Lakers. You can laugh at them now. Next season, they could be back in the Playoffs.

Connor D says:

I’m guessing there aren’t any other hawk fans here

Johntigasouth says:

Dat lightskin lineup was effective tho lol Zo, Kuz, Josh, JC & Larry

TheDavid771 says:

Man, I wasn't a Lakers fan when Kobe was around. But now… these guys look really special and very unselfish, that's what I like most about basketball… I can call myself now a Lakers fan. Can't wait to see what's lays ahead in the future for these kids.

Yriyah Yriyah says:

Wall been on a quiet come back

King Walker says:

Dam Ingram need to get his weight up bouncing off players left and right dude need to be in the weight room! Or eat some spinach!

JakeeYm says:

i hate that clap clap clap clap your hands shit

Big Boi says:

Kuzma > no one

Kenneth Kim says:

Hawks needs to get rid of schroder.. need korver back

Finestrappaz1 says:

That 5 player on the first second quarter must be the starting line up, give JC more playing time hes a beast

American says:

luke is an ass hole and a bad coach last year there was no laver luke was still a pos coach just think if Chicago had kept doug Collins or lakers had kept pull pull whitehead Jordan and magic would have never become the legend that they are some ass hole coaches think that they are biger then the players

4th&20 says:

Lemme find out the Lakers lost to the Hawks

u get a gain & u get a gain says:

they're just a different team with lonzo in there….and thats the sign of a true old school PG im lovin zo's game and he's only just gonna get better when magic surrounds him with some superstars

Tibetan Guy says:

Lonzo number 1

William Juarez says:

Like if yoi saw fatboy

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