Renault’s Cyril Abiteboul | F1 Grill The Grid Team Bosses

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Time for Renault’s managing director Cyril Abiteboul to face our F1 questions in the latest episode of Grill The Grid…

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Bernard van Tonder says:

His questions were easier than other episodes. 2 Q's had 50% chance with no knowledge/skill required.

WellVets says:

When you see that Wehrlein guy in Sauber has more points than Palmer in Renault…

L.GH. Djoetma says:

These questions were way harder. Of the questions he didn't know, I only guessed Fangio, but just because he's the only driver from that era I could come up with. Abiteboul is younger then most and has a way different background.

Aleksandr Pashnyuk says:

Find an intelligent director

ItzRodriwwi says:

Nice logo on the microphone!!

PolMat16 says:

F1 question "How many times has Nico Hulkenberg finish P4 in an F1 race?"Kimi's answer "Bwoah."

Krishna Dm says:

Force India beating Renault here too!

David Bieros says:

8bit story of f1 2017 please!!

Mak Rockson says:

Renault is the most stupidest team to play Grill the Grid!

daandw says:

can there be a paul stoddart special?

Anirudh S says:

Squirrel Irritable

Attila Horváth says:

Cyril Dumbiteboul… XD

Bert Brantjens says:

He is the most annoying man in Formula 1. Can hardly understand him when he speaks fast with his accent and when I do understand what he says its never a pleasing thing to hear…

Aykut Aykın says:

He couldnt say their driver name correctly , Nikö Ülkghhh (Look Estaban Ocon he speak awesome). Nico Hulkenberg like green version HULK

Nikhil Mistry says:

Old logo on mic and new in bottom left

unique says:

hey guys, you forget to crop out that thing at left bottom

yusaini rdj says:

Cyril is useless in history. Lol

JH says:

Red Bull first, Renault last so far. A smile for Christian

jeezleweez F says:

My year of birth champion Hamilton, 2017.

diamondman says:

Grill the grid with niki lauda

Star Yo says:

The shity logo sitting at the bottom left

Thib says:

Mon manager préféré

Christian Engberg says:

Hello, zis is grillzergrid

Bennourine Omar says:

What's this fu*** english with his french sound!!!!!!

DudeOnly GamingAndOtherStuff says:

Parkin plug lol

Cam Steve says:

"I dont care for the past I care for the future" genuinely a wise thing to say for a test on the past

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