How to design a logo with golden Ratio | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

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How to design a logo with golden Ratio | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial.

Many designers search for a good tutorial about golden ratio and how to use it in logo design, I was searching for it before and I found a hard time to find good resources but there is never the good explained video.

So, today, I tried my best to explain how to use the golden ratio in logo design and how to make a logo using golden circles.

I will make many other videos related to this topic and I will explain how to use the different golden ratio method, like the golden spiral.

In this tutorial I will show you:
How to make the golden rectangle.
How to extract the golden circles from it.
How to use the golden ratio to design a logo directly on illustrator.
How to use the golden ratio to grid a sketch and make a perfect logo design.

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Background birds sound:
Dawn Chorus By Sean.Townsend
licensed under CC BY 2.0


Damilola Onakoya says:

Now this got me saying #WoWzadupa Lovely Video, that is actually not a bot, its a professional voice over guy right there

Abde Samad says:

thank you so much brother i do really appreciate your tutorial . carry on brother

Mandy Crawford says:

This is such a wonderful video thank you so much for teaching. I start to like the sound or music you use in the video. I been using it while I work, for some strange reason it clears my mind and helps me think

Delfan Tanala says:

How i find gradient color like that? Please tell me

Naima Naima says:

Tank u for all u video pleas wish logiciel you use

Engr mamun says:

Thanks very very very fine…………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mamta Ganguly says:

I finally understood how to use golden ratio in design. Thank you.

Ramzi Aswad says:

Hello Mohamed, thanx for everything,
In 13:00 I didn't understand what's happened, how did you change screen to black and from where have you brought the color
Thank you another time bro

lextop says:

Great tutorial, thank you

Zakaria Omar says:

الله يعطيك الف عافية استاذ بس ياريت يكون في فيديوهات باللغة العربية لدعم المحتواى العربي وانا من اشد متابعينك وبتمنالك توفيق والنجاح

Jamil Hashmi says:

How will I know that which golden circle to use for a specific part?
And are all logos made using the golden ratio?

Temur Ahmad says:

its great video, pls also checkout logos here and comment

Zeducation says:

this is not a golden ratio

Jared Robinson says:

WOW you are honestly amazing.

Sam Majumder says:

How can I design a ribbon or a Christmas tree by using golden ratio?

Sonia Cheung says:

great tutorial! Very well explained with example. Thank you.


thanks for your tutorial 🙂

Moh Cholisatur Rizaq says:

Very nice tutorial buddy. clearly Explanation. Thank you so much….

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