2017 Japanese Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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All the best action as the title fight swings wildly at Suzuka

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ConnorPlayzYT says:

"squeezed his ass" EXCUSE ME?!

D Logic says:

"Am I allowed to give it everything?" Fucking hell those are some words to hear when you are already pedal to the metal.

David Schuurman says:

Verstappen he’s better than ricciardo he is always ahead of him

Dennis Chen says:

Can I ask a question sounds stupid but I’m a f1 noob. How could drivers like Massa and Alonso who used to drive for Ferrari, but never seen them on a single podium this year(2017)?

UltimateFormula1Fan says:

Lewis was pretty much gifted the championship after Ferraris misfortunes.

getulyyo njunior says:

Pincel for car coca cola formula1

Rethinker167 says:

apparently david croft still this vettel is still at red bull at the 50 sec mark…

IronKnight117 says:

I have to say ocon has really impressed me this season I could see him joining Red Bull, Mercedes or Ferrari in the near future

alan stefan says:

These races r doo much annoying for ferrari fans

Ryan Mazumder says:

After coming back to this I found out they parked Vettel in Kimi's garage

gisleide games says:

gostei muito

Bryan Jeaks says:

0:53, Down the inside goes the Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel.

forzatoby says:

4:10 Squeezed his Haas right round the Williams.

Romeline Stein says:

Bottas had a grid penalty?

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