Philippine Medical Cannabis

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Why don’t we give Medical Cannabis a chance? It has done wonders to many patients, it can do more to people in the Philippines. From pain alleviation to stopping seizures, relieving anxiety, regulating the mood, and even killing cancer cells, this can provide hope to many patients. It should be given as alternative treatment to those who do no want conventional medicine. So why are many doctors opposing the legalization of Medical Cannabis? Who are they serving? Is it the patient or the multi billion dollar Pharma industry?


Reefer Madness says:

Divorce & Weed both Medicinal and Recreational – Please Lawmakers make this possible in this Lifetime for our Country.

Wicked FreeMan says:

people are sometimes stupid, When you search for marijuana… its been legal for other countries… better than alcohol and cigarettes

K A N A B E A S T says:

kase si vicente pag gumagamit sila dati ng mga utol nya puro kalokohan pinag gagawa nila mukang di panga nakatkim ng kush yan lol

Nathaniel Cabudlay says:

Fucking opinion!! hindi naman droga yan eh… halaman yan di yan droga!! pag sinabi nilang masama gumamit nyan parang sinabi narin nilang masama ang panginoon… kaya di umaangat ung pilipinas eh masyado na tayong low…

Barry Pacis says:

To: Senator Tito Sotto
Could you please assist and give each and every member patient of the Medical Cannabis Compassionate use Society the special permit you mentioned in your interview..

Necessity to obtain such products could be secured here locally, if the permits excludes them from being persecuted of possessions of such product illegally,then the law allows exception and admit the window of opportunity of compassionate use., otherwise every delay we espouse in the guise of illegality of it as a substance condemns us of being hard hearted and unchristianlike., when a person asks for compassion- should we not give and not deny it!

Lea Velano says:

gago si tito soto promise.

Ralph Rosell says:

Amazing documentary! well done!!! We need to spread this even more… Hope the 180 bill gets accepted sooner than later

Rommel Dionela says:

for God sake..let cannabis legalise…before its too late

Mr.Apigo says:


TommyMcFlyy says:

Doctors who don't agree to the legalization of Medical benefits of Marijuana are fucking dumb. If medicinal marijuana gets legalized, it's going to be a big slap on the doctors faces and some big pharmaceutical companies. There going to ran out of business if Cannabis can cure some of the illness they can't.

Ricardo Serrano says:

Why ask medical doctors to legalize medical cannabis? Why not ask the majority of Filipinos instead?

Please stop convincing medical allopathic doctors to approve medical cannabis despite the medical benefits of cannabis plant. Medical doctors in the Philippines and abroad are educated in reductionist medical philosophy rather than holistic medical philosophy which the alternative holistic – body, mind and spirit – practitioners follow such as Chinese medicine practitioners.

Therefore, I believe that most medical doctors will not recommend the legalization of cannabis plant, an herbal holistic medicine, because medical doctors are influenced by the pharmaceutical industry and will negatively affect their allopathic (drug) practice which is their specialty.

The Chinese medical practitioners are the best people to recommend medical cannabis for legalization because it is a herbal remedy (not a synthetic drug) that is covered in their herbal training and in their scope of practice.

The support for the ongoing petition by the Philippine Cannabis Compassion Society is definitely needed because the majority of congressmen and senators will only change their stand in Bill 180 when there are millions of Filipinos wanting access to medical cannabis.

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