Going Nuclear – Nuclear Science – Part 5 – Hydrogen Bombs

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While the Manhatten project was working on the first fission bombs Edward Teller began working on a fusion powered ‘Super’ device. Fission devices were 1000 times as powerful as conventional explosives, and fusion devices could be 1000 times more powerful than the early fission devices.

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NeverTalkToCops1 says:

Wait, your next video will be on how the fissile material was produced? Please Please Please tells us all you know about gaseous diffusion, at the Oak Ridge K25 plant. Pictures of the inside of that plant are scarce. The "queen mary" plutonium separation was stupefying. Radiation was so intense that the concrete in the 'queen mary" chemical vaults started to crumble.

NeverTalkToCops1 says:

"Other processes may be involved."

Palpatine001 says:

8:56 This assumption proved to be wrong…..
Yeah the mess Castle Bravo left continues to this day

Palpatine001 says:

7:47 I see Lithium 6, H Bombs and oh Hello it's Castle Bravo and the cock up that it was because Lithium 7.

Élyès Ayoub says:

I really hope Kim Jong Un doesn't watch your videos… You've been teaching us how to build and fly rockets for years and now nuclear bombs…

Magnus Holmgren says:

I just now noticed the bad kerning in the intro ("Scott Man l ey"). That may force me to go through and dislike every video.

Richard Dastardly says:

Scott – could you do an ep on the early history of nuclear power generation? I've heared much less about that than weapon development. I was a cold war kid just like you ( I think we're about the same age ) so I get the interest in bombs, I think nuclear power could benefit from unbiased publicity even more than bombs though.

John Doe says:

After my recent firearm purchases, and watching this nuclear series… I'm probably on a watch list. 😐

NightLurk says:

I'm not a fan of nuclear bombs but boy I'd sure like to see a 100Mt detonation just for the awesomeness of it. And thanks for the education, I never really understood why they called them Hydrogen bombs and what's the difference in them and to my shame I never bothered to look up this topic, had no idea that they're using fission to generate fusion, that's just brilliant!

John Hightower says:

These may be the weapons that destroy our world, but I can't stop smiling.

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