YouTube’s role in Logan Paul’s controversial “suicide forest” video

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YouTube faces growing questions about how it polices content after it failed to remove a video showing the body of an apparent suicide victim from social media star Logan Paul. It stayed on the site for at least 24 hours and was reportedly viewed more than six million times. Paul deleted the video after rising backlash. CBS News contributor and Wired editor-in-chief Nicholas Thompson joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss what we know about the timeline of that incident and the debate in Silicon Valley over how to monitor massive amounts of content.

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Phoebe Rudnick says:

i am not in da logang, i am a jake pauler

Ali Rizvi says:

Guys. Its not youtube's fault. Its the parents fault. Parents should monitor their kids 24/7. Never should a parent not be aware of what a child looks at. And if people are offended by this suicide video, why are people watching it!? Just live on with your life!!!

Legoninja57 says:

Stop hating on LP

realmarcus vlogs says:

Please say you're not going to take down Logan Paul Channel

Aaron D says:

Yet the msm can post kae news and lies and bias reports daily and thats ok.mainatrwam equals right? No they done worse over many years. Hiding rape srug al?ohol addiction narcissism. All of media fame is gone to the success equals wasting money on fancy stuff n cars and over indulgent lifestyle.

SYDNEY Kelly says:

This is dumb. Other people did worse and they didn't get reported. This is unfair

Zoe Eagon says:

You guys can’t even talk!

Michael Joe says:

OMG the hat he said him self this hat is probably not good for this moment u stupid idiot

News TV says:

This is just terrible

Pedro Cahue says:

He was not mocking the guy

Mllr hr says:

Well the CEO is a woman, that explains a lot.

Mllr hr says:

I would beat the crap out of that kid, maybe break his legs and arms too.

Jakleen Qaryo says:

Youtube is so soft on so many things, GROW UP PEOPLE

MrTopCat says:

O my god you people are so sensitive, Logan was not mocking the dead guy and he actually even had a disclaimer at the beginning saying viewer discretion is advised.

Eli Story says:

Logan Paul is Youtube Golden Boy they never did anything but you best believe if its any other Youtuber. It would get demonitized, humiliated, strike down and all kinds of punishment. Nowadays, you won't be able to monetize videos that have conflicting political views or if you cuss while playing a game they give you that standard "Not suitable for most advertisers. Confirmed by manual review" label. Youtube doesn't even review Smaller Youtubers application for monetization but reviews logan pauls video on the same day then put it on trending knowing that what he did. If youtube keeps doing this to its content creators they won't last for long.

Mj Goat23 says:

i hate drama

333 333 says:

Why does he get in trouble when jake paul rapes people and touches people on cameraaaaaa

Amir Akhlaghi says:

YouTube didn't simply fail to remove the video. They choose what goes on it's trending list and they selected it as the #10 trending video

Mel Whisnant says:

How about the ones smoking weed

BubbaCrane says:

These old news people should go back to talking about Danold Trump. Leave social media to us. They dont understand youtube at all. Logan and Jake are the Kim and Kanye of youtube. They do bad things and they get more famous every time.

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