Visualization award winner in Science – Nicotine addiction and molecule diffusion

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The Nicotine molecules go through the lungs and into the bloodstream, before flooding nicotinic acetylcholine receptors near the ventral tegmental area. It blocks glia pickup of extracellualar glutamate, juicing the vta with more dopamine. Studies show that blocking beta2 acetylchonine receptors results in the loss of subjective reward from nicotine while blocking of beta 4 subunits results in loss of withdrawal related symptoms.


tenochtitilian says:

Why are nicotinic acetylcholine receptors upregulated, rather than downregulated?

roo yapa says:

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Naz 95 says:

your videos were so helpful, thank you

JCWisterman says:

Don't ban anything, prohibition doesn't work, period.

Brendan Schwartz says:

Okay I'm sorry but people like you who think that something is completely and utterly true because "science says so" are ridiculous. Everything on our planet can't be innately true because we have no way of knowing whether it is true or not. All we have is our perceptions. Look back in history. We used to think severals things were true that we later found out weren't. I'm not disagreeing with you or science, I'm just saying have a open mind.

scarred10 says:

peopel can believe what they want but that doesnt make them true,only science can prove truth.Im done with this discussion,your too uneducated to argue with,youre talking about unproven opion,im talking about proven fact.When you get a degree in science come back here and well talk like adults

scarred10 says:

listen ,you are talking to a scientist who has spent 23 yrs studying and researching human physiology and psychology,the terms you speak of are unproven rubbish

scarred10 says:

lad, that is rubbish,there are sensations from the organs but they are all registered and interpreted in the the brain.The heart can register feelings since it has nerve endings that pass signals to the brain.The solar plexus like all plexi are just bundles of nerves,nothing to do with any chakras

scarred10 says:

science doesnt guess anythnig,that is the opposite of science,adictio is entirely proven via brain scans today.There is no soul and no chakras because there is nothing beyond physical reality,where do you get this rubbish?You cant be scientifically educated and believe these things.

scarred10 says:

if hes not a medical man then he knows nothing about the subject,YOU ARE NOT PROOF,1 CASE IS NOT PROOF OF dont seem to understand that all chemical addictions occur in context of environment and genetics so everyone is addicted to a different extent and some find quitting easier than others,some dont ever get addicted .If you see angels you are mentally disturbed,thats not judgement ,thats fact.

scarred10 says:

lad,alan carr is not a medical expert nor neuroscientist,how the hell would he know if it was addicted ,any fool can write a book.As for angels or karma ,well I think i can safely say i cant have an intelligent conservation with someone who mentions those beliefs,they clearly dont exist.

scarred10 says:

sweet jesus youre thick,nicotine and other drugs that affect neurotransmitters esp dopamine are physiologically addictive(thats a proven fact) but who gets addicted depends on context and genetics.Not everyone gets addicted to these drugs and not at all times,stress increases the chance of addiction.

Lynx Kepler says:

Correct. Use of nicotine upregulates the brain, making it yet more sensitive to more nicotine. See wikipedia for further explanation.

Justin Mechanic says:

Nicotine should be illegal ! Our government really doesnt care about us.

zhcoop says:

why smoker and not cars?

zhcoop says:

why the smokers? why not the cars?!?!

Kent Pomares says:

Veeeeery slow. Remember that hobbies you find fun, trigger the same parts of the of receptor sites in the brain. This might be a great opportunity to learn more of yourself and develop a unique skill. Good luck, my heart goes to you. If someone claims he/she is better than you for having overcome addiction, they are monstrous Hippocrates who's self contradiction is a painfully obvious dichotomy. Massages are a fantastic way to get your "fix" during detox. Especially for tobacco abuse.

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