Marine Biologists Confess What Creatures They Hope Never To Discover

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Listen to what these marine life experts have to say about the creatures they hope they never have the supreme misfortune of discovering.

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Roy Dubbeldam says:

Friend: what is your greatest fear
me: narwhals with soggy baguettes as horns

Jonathon Cowley says:

That baguette narwhal does sound kind of shitty, actually.

PerrinLogainKadanFan says:

"Discovering a Tampa crab would be incredibly cost effective," haha.

S. says:

"it would shake me to my fucking core"

Riley Sky says:

A Marine………………Biologist.


NormadBear 1 says:

What is this channel?

Rocio Ornelas says:

My friend were talking about the crab one at school they sent me a link here I have never laughed harder than I ever laughed in my life

Aurora Quinn says:

wtf is this?

Brian G. says:


Chris Bauer says:

"swam with a cane" wut

Juvenal Escobar says:

I'm fucking wheezing

Artem T-rex arms Lobov says:

What is this channel?

Syed Najafi says:

I see the titles of all clickhole videos and i assume it is going to be interesting. At the end i just stare at the wall saying wtf did i just watch?

Streams of Consciousness says:

If Lovecraft was a marine biologist, he'd probably get this thousand-yard stare, stand up, and start chanting in Rylethian.

katkowalski314 says:

a crab is the alleged lovechild between a spider & a rock

Larry Wolf says:

You should hope to discover a sense of humor, because this bit was dreadful.

Hamilton.Is.Life says:

Crabs are fake news

Karl Smith says:

That one guy is going to be super disappointed when he goes to Tampa and finds out what a wretched hive of scum and villainy that city is.

Mr.Tumbleweed says:

Dumber than a box of dicks

bananaramainpajams says:

"I hope to never discover a George Constanza"

No Name says:

My favorite part of this video is that the occult symbol for saturn is in the top left corner during the duration of the video.

EDIT: Lol. And a bona fide reference to the "star of david". You jews overreach and I am thankful for it.

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