Zoology – Maroon

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Zoology are a testament to the powers of Instagram. The brainchild of Emily Krueger (https://www.instagram.com/emilykrueger/) and Beau Diakowicz (https://www.instagram.com/beaudiakowicz) the band started in two separate countries, Emily in one, Beau in the other. Mutual admirers, the pair connected over the web and wrote their first song ‘Escape’ without ever having met. We’re beyond excited to have them on Majestic Casual with their brand new song “Maroon”. ❤

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● Music by Zoology

● Picture by Ciro Galluccio

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Tristan Harrison says:

zoology has such a nice style

Silver Assassin says:

Are there tabs in progress for this anyone?

Kidchipy says:

i went to school with emily LOL

Aveqn says:

Im Here Since 2K. Is So Amazing To See U Guys Grow During The Years.
Keep doing The Good Work <3

Christina Marie Bennett says:

Love love love this song!!!

Jayden Cummings says:

Majestic and my babe Em!!! It couldn't get better than this!

David Brainerd says:

You'll always be my what picture? Can't understand her.

Just Rocco says:

what genre would you put this in?

Julieta Mcfly says:

Amo majestic

TheImagineInn says:

Could be cleaner, but still very good 🙂

Berk Efe ALPDOĞAN says:


Kyle William says:

Hmmm bit like Malibu by Miley

Derrick Stratton says:

This was fire

Dineo Makhoba says:

this is beautiful and broken

Robert Rogers says:

Dude, this sounds like Yvette Young at the guitar. It's sounds so perfect.

parijuana1 says:


Carl Strum says:

Maroon Zoology sounds like some weird college major

Joanna haily says:

the guitar part is dreamy!

Marta Herrera says:

The guitar part reminds me of Tom Misch

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