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Here is the biggest (?) unsolved problem in maths… The Riemann Hypothesis.
More links & stuff in full description below ↓↓↓

Prime Number Theorem: http://youtu.be/l8ezziaEeNE
Fermat’s Last Theorem: http://youtu.be/qiNcEguuFSA

Prof Edward Frenkel’s book Love and Math: http://amzn.to/1g6XP6j
Professor Frenkel is a mathematics professor at the University of California, Berkeley – http://edwardfrenkel.com

The Millennium Prize at the Clay Mathematics Institute: http://www.claymath.org

Number Line: http://youtu.be/JmyLeESQWGw

CORRECTION: At 7:20 the zeta function of 2 should be (Pi^2)/6 as correctly stated earlier in the video (Basel Problem)

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MathIsAwesome says:

Math is just so amazing, thank you for this video

Isaac Aguilar says:

Wouldn't s=1 be equal to 2

Toxodos says:

"yes I have seen that before" lol

Nick Grimm says:

Why at 6:00 is 2 added to 3 times sqt -1 and not multiplied as you would expect with every other XY graph?

Ismail Bourhaeil says:

So is the sum of integers -1/12? Lol

Roger Jimmo says:

(1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1) = 25920 POE = (2-8-18-18-5)

Roger Jimmo says:


Greenball Science says:

Russian accent

Adam Blister says:


Šimon Švancár says:


Люци says:

Is he Russian? Isn’t he Germane?

gagan maheshwari says:

can any one tell who developed compounding formula …………. A=p(1+r/100)^N ………….. eienstien called it eight wonder of the world …………… it changed my life …….. now I know if I compound my stock portfolio by 25% it will be 100 times in 20 years……… this formula is very important for stock market investors

TheDarkOLeo says:

it's 2 am and I think about closing the video and calling it a day when suddenly this "keep watching" (4:14) shows up. Creepy

Luis Eduardo Talamantes says:

The number is 0, the fourth dimension is not time, it's more space, and other zero points are higher dimensions.

Felipe Valdes says:

I don't understand how euler figured out the result, python did a lot of calculations and came up with a confimation of euler (not that anybody needs one anyway…)
sum([1.0/pow(n,2) for n in range(1,500000)]) is near math.pi * math.pi / 6

Luis Eduardo Talamantes says:

who do i contact if i think i solved it?

N dl says:

Wrong assumption. The holymorphic algorithmic continuation is also valid in counterspace. So taken infinite as 0. That was the Definition of holymorphic. The Corners for fn and 1/fn are similar invariant. Wasnt it? So at the left of 1 you have to draw counterspace and 1+2+3+4…=inf-1/12 becomes a realistic meaning! So the question is for which Zeta it is exactly infinite. Wasn't counterspace mapping similar to f->f^i??

Amanda Chapone says:

One is the loneliest number

Matt Barr says:

the best part about this is how smug he must be in his grave knowing he has modern day minds trying to disprove him.

gamerjohn112 says:

Leonhard Euler is probably the person where Euler's constant came from "e"

Kaleb Smith says:

I really like his voice. He's in with Cliff Stoll and Tadashi Tokieda, imo.

DemonLordChaos says:

if sqrt(-1) = i and i+0=i, does it mean sqrt(i) must be zero? sqrt(1) is 1+0i so surely the value of sqrt(1) on the imaginary plane is zero. or is this evidence that 0 makes no sense on complex plane, because sqrt(-1) cannot be zero because 0^2 is not -1.

aryan sharma says:

This video has reinforced the fact that the ZEAL for Mathematical knowledge never dies

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