How to stop the lies infecting medical research | Martin Elliott | TEDxWandsworth

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Martin Elliott is Professor of Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery at University College London, Professor of Physic at Gresham College, London. Previously he was Medical Director at The Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust where he has worked as a paediatric cardiothoracic surgeon. Martin will expose the flaws in today’s peer-reviewed medical journals, where the manipulation of research data by a minority of doctors can result in harm to future patients. With Big Data forming a significant portion of the healthcare economy, he explains why patient healthcare and new medical procedures must utilise datasets to bring greater transparency and trust between doctors and their patients.

Martin Elliott is Professor of Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery at University College London, Professor of Physic at Gresham College, London, and Co-Medical Director at The Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust (GOS) where he has worked since 1984. He established and leads the National Service for Severe Tracheal Disease in Children at GOS. He developed modified ultrafiltration, helped set up paediatric heart and lung transplantation at GOS, started the European Congenital Heart Defects Database for outcomes analysis and leads the chest wall reconstruction team at GOS. The Tracheal Service at GOS is the largest in World, and the Team has pioneered a number of innovative techniques, including slide tracheoplasty, tracheal homograft patch transplantation, the development of absorbable stents and, most recently, the world’s first stem cell supported tracheal transplantation in a child.

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linrkirk says:

Collin furze is a plumber ?

Winter Star says:

What passes as 'research' these days, is highly likely to have been quite manipulated, from the earliest planning stages, throughout every step to it's completion, to support the agendas of the larger funders of the research.
Two such researches, which took place in about 1987, were for Brachy Therapy implants [radiation beads implanted next to cancer growths], and Nicotine gums and patches, carried out at a Veteran's Administration hospital, in CA.
Especially for the Brachy Therapy implants…pretty epic cheating, lying and twisting of data, throughout the entire endeavor.
The parameters were changed repeatedly, even before it started; prepping the rooms used for test patients was a protracted dog-and-pony show.
Rules kept changing, for instance, test subjects were supposed to be self-care, but from the 1st subject admitted, were full-care, unable to do much of anything for themselves…and it got worse.
Staff were instructed how to use a pen-style dosimeter, wrong. Dosimeter badges got changed in the middle of high-dose patients' stays. The agency doing the readings of badges, was supposed to be a 'disinterested third-party', but it was a local government agency with their own agendas.
Subjects and their families were NOT given anything like proper information to help them make "informed consent". Etc.
Very soon after research was completed, the [manipulated] research helped push Radiation bead implants onto the market promoted as therapeutic or at least palliative treatments. It's still being used today.
While the nicotine patch and gum research was not as clearly or extensively manipulated, what we saw were subjects OD'ing on nicotine, because they still kept smoking, regardless of gum or patch. Perhaps there are some who benefit by using these gums or patches; those I've observed, failed to be able to stop smoking, for numerous reasons…yet they keep trying to use them.
We need new paradigms.
We need better ways to formulate and follow research parameters, to prevent data and procedural manipulations by those desperate to sell products funding or in any way influencing the research.

Fred Pauser says:

Excellent talk! There is far too much dishonesty IN GENERAL in the world! We need much more sunlight!

Leonid Schneider says:

Hi Martin. Please read your own paper about 4-year-follow-up on Ciaran Lynch before you claim your transplant such a success. You keep forgetting this paper of yours exists.
And maybe you can explain why in your world Paolo Macchiarini is the good guy and Pierre Delaere is the evil one.
Now, did you claim Keziah's transplant was fully vascularised? Were you involved in the decision to operate her in Florence? Look what I found out:

Petra Popovic says:

I believe the surgeon mentioned is Paolo Macchiarini. Fantastic talk thank you.

Terrance Nygren says:

could you use watson or deep learning for this knowledge?

Aakash Sahu says:

i am a doctor(maxillo-facial surgeon) by profession . i totally agree with each word dr martin elliot has mentioned . sir i would like to discuss with you more on these issue.

Manny VG says:

i wanna be a surgeon so much

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