Live Day Trading ES S&P Emini Futures (+$725)

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Jeevraj says:

What ticks are you using?

UJ ABHI says:

give me u r number


Do you have a website? Do you still trade I like your style /system and would like to learn more.

hang xia says:


Fabiano Lomba says:

Very nice video, quick question Lou are you using tick chart, volume, or time?

Barreto says:

Show, Brazil.

riquenosis says:

Who is your broker? When I traded em' I used interactive brokers. Minimum for a futures acct was $10k at the time. Thx for video.

Moses Balderas says:

I love live trading analyses!!!

Evan Cortes says:

Are you allowed to buy and sell future contracts whenever you want?

Lincoln C Mitchell says:

good videos

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