Nudging: The Future of Advertising

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Advertising tries to convince you to buy things, but nudging is about influencing customers without their knowing. It’s only going to be used more and more, but where should we place limits (if at all)?

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liams923 says:

For no reason should the government ban any nudges. As long as they don’t physically coerce you, then it’s ultimately your decision, even if they have a large impact on your decision.

Mauro Miceli Consigli (MauM) | Ética y Bienestar says:

I love your videos. Milk isn't healthy tho 😛 just saying

Nic Wow says:

What about the amazon dash button? Is this nudging?

Vysair says:

Not for me, I like things for no reason and my action are usually logical toward aids or big decision and no think for something small like purchase.

TheSomser says:

So you mean we should trust government to decide what’s good or bad? The government shouldn’t have that power


the biggest manipulation is government itself….political agenda?


one who is manipulated, deserves to be manipulated…it is just as simple..poor individuals

Mohammed Ujjol Rahman says:

Sounds brilliant. Well to be frank, the future consists of not just complex smartphones, but also connected devices soon too.

So marketers must effectively dig deeper into their targets emotional and behavioural patterns in correlation to what they’re trying to nudge’

Dragoon Z says:

Psychological methods depends on individuals of the vast masses of demographics and personality types and everyday behaviors/rituals/habits of that person and race/culture of a person can also play a role.

Matt Aydlett says:

lol that iPhone X

Shubham Sahu says:

How to make videos like this???
I mean which software?

Dustyredman says:

I've liked, sub'd, commented and added to a playlist–videos like these, and creators like you, don't stop creating content; you give us conspiracy theorists a reason to live.

Manny B. says:

Well once people spot the PATTERNS they usually avoid it or harder to fall into the trap. Just like people have developed AD blindness. So yea is an Arms Race.

Olika120 says:

miencarft is a gaem maek vidos moar moar moar

Veritas B. says:

nothing is 100% free, if a product is free, you are the product

Michael says:

I think Malcolm Gladwell deserves a credit here

Unicorn Workhorse says:

2:37 wtf my eyes have betrayed me

Dag Backerud says:

Det är alltid dåliga filmer på din kanal!!

Mathias Maranhão says:

Who makes your animations?

Orion Spectre says:

It's teethpaste

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