Interior Design — A High-Contrast Montreal Loft

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We found the edgy, industrial-style loft where visiting celebrities and actors stay when they want to feel at home in Montreal. Suzanne Dimma tells us what makes Creative Flat’s 1,380 sq.-ft. space, designed by Natalie Bouchard and Annie Horth, so cool.


Nadia Levy says:

Love this. I am really enjoying this channel.

N. S. says:

painting it black doesn't make it edgy

jjenn 33 says:

I love this space. love it!!

Hakim Khadri says:

really loves the sofas, especially the black one!!

Leon says:

If you got money you will have nice interior too. Thats a fact. I strive for something like this in my apartment too but it takes like years to make it perfect. The sofa alone looks super expensive really.

Thokozile Tapambwa says:

beautiful space

TraumaER says:

Persian rugs make me sick.

wwbdwwbd says:

Looks like a steakhouse. Yew…


I love how this place is decorated. Beautiful.

Annie Springate says:

Am I the only one that doesn't like this. I don't think it works. It looks like vintage meets modern and not in a good way. Just shows how taste is very personal.

obayed haque says:

Awesome home! I love it. Thanks much for sharing 🙂

luminita viasu says:

lovely! elements work together.

jetski Dex says:

I could watch these all day! Please please never stop uploading!

DIY moje dekoracje says:

Wow ) Very nice video ) Have a nice day )

Candace Buck says:

Did you see those door stops?

Noelle Candice says:

Those windows are insane, really beautiful!

21whichiswhich says:

I really love the kitchen and little nook.

Spacemotion Projects says:

love the windows

Matthew McCrory says:

those sofas are incredible. really great use of black too. one of my favourite house tours on the channel

Karla Dreyer Design says:

Love this – those windows and wall colour – wow!!

NONA says:

One of my favourite homes on here to date. So well thought and put together.

jrodowntown says:

Why isn't there a "love" icon to click on about this space?
The narration was sexy as well.

Craig Merkey says:

the kitchn area chairs and table are screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yaki Tori says:

Awesome place.

lucille5690 says:

loveeeee itttt

Brbljiva says:

The black color work well with large spaces, really loving this…

TheJapaneseBubble says:

i really love how they combined the kind-of-sectional and the sofa together. i couldn't find any design tips anywhere on combining those two types and stumbling across this video was a nice help 🙂

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