Minnesota Timberwolves vs Milwaukee Bucks – Full Game Highlights | Dec 28, 2017 | NBA Season 2017-18

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Minnesota Timberwolves vs Milwaukee Bucks – Full Game Highlights | December 28, 12/28

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Rapid Highlights says:

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Donald Goines says:

Jeff teague is out he has to check on his brother Marquis & Trahson burrell American Airlines kicked them off the flight for blaming them of stealing blankets out of first-class.

Aidan Callero says:

Did Minnesota get every old bulls players. Gibson,Crawford,Butler,Brooks

Maurice Malone says:

Giannis wasn’t trippin’ after getting benched by Jason kidd. He kept it pushin’

Paris Chen says:

Goddamn what the fuck happened to Jimmy Butler? His defense is on Harden’s level. He got blown by by Delly out of all the players on the Bucks roster. What happened to all that toughness on D?

Matthew Ford says:

Jason terry still in the league?!! Wowww. Was fun watching him and Crawford go one on one those two old goats

RaG3 SNiiP3Zz says:

Were they playing the race’s instrumentals

Waheed Khan says:

KAT needs to play more defense and worry less about his offensive numbers.

Γιώργος Καλογεράκης says:

Big fan of Giannis but that was a really bad day for him. Days like that can kill the mvp title well in advance. Seems he "woke up" mid 3rd quarter.

Henry nico says:

Eric bledSHOW

kon mpal says:

I mean for 3 quarters I thought Bucks' defence was all over the place. What the hell, I don't get it. You can't go far like this.

αλεξης πεγιαδης says:

what a game

Kat Towns says:

Butler 16_6 FG and 6_1 from three
Crawford 13_4 FG and 5_0 from three
Butler has to admit that he's not a good shooter
Kat 12_8 FG and 8_4 from three incredible he's taking less shots than everyone and he only took four shots from the pain zone and he's the guy who must dominate the pain zone easily and butler is playing to much more than 40 minutes I blame Tom thibedou who's the bad manager .so what's your opinion Minnesota's fan?

Nedal Wazwaz says:

I've been watching the timberwolves my whole life. They can never stop choking in the 4th.. i think Minneapolis the city itself is possessed

Devin Summers says:

I don't get how Kilpatrick doesn't get minutes, dude plays hard and has some great offense I'm in his measly 5 minutes.. Maybe its just me tho

#ThunderUp Gang Gang says:

Good game. It would be nice for the T Wolves to start losing so OKC could climb up

SiLenT366 says:

Giannis is patenting the "massive travel."

Proppa Music says:

Not gonna lie i thought Minnesota had that won smh


字母哥的护具选择 lol

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