Houston Rockets vs Boston Celtics – Full Game Highlights | Dec 28, 2017 | NBA Season 2017-18

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Houston Rockets vs Boston Celtics – Full Game Highlights | December 28, 12/28

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Rapid Highlights says:

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Angela Sciandra says:

If I was James harden I would die in frustration like if you would to

Gmail User says:

Harden is overrated !!!!

Onboarddatracks says:

Nba is full of shit, these games are one huge foul and refs control it by picking and choosing what to call

Joseph Skonezny says:

Harden can’t complain about flopping when he throws his hands up every time he steps in the paint lol

Maurice Malone says:

Chris Paul expected to return today against the Wizards. Houston going to need a lift try to get their spirits up (value).

Joshua Hall says:

Man fuck Chris webber

馬こうけん says:

Believe it or not, without Harden, Rocket will be better.

Oprah Sideverson says:

I know im reacting to this

MoNkEyMaYnE2000 says:

Houston too busy on trying to get the call instead of finishing the play, this was a physical game & I loved every second, kind of a throwback to the good ol NBA days lol

Rico Ramirez says:

These boys are exciting to watch. Alot of clutch players on that squad

James Jones says:

my celtics came back from 25points down and beat the rockets with out jaylen brown and there a good tuff western conference team

James Jones says:

i think marus smart is gonna be a star hes a 2 way player and hes filling in that void cause avery bradley traded and he to step up
and take that spot hes are best wing defender and he can score with ease

YouWorkit says:

best foul of the year

D K says:

stats mean nothing when you can't wrap up a 26 pt lead with 13 1/2 min to go. pathetic!

Juan Santiago says:

Getting my violin out for the crybaby Rockets fans. Wawawa!!

Will Graves says:

Celtics = NBA CHAMPS 2018

Pop1FromDeep says:

GAME OF THE YEAR☘️ Let’s go celtics

ryan mcburrows says:

Wow that was a crazy game… James harden shit the bed on this one.. this just goes to show cp3 would have made the difference if he played. Great Winn for the celtics

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