48 Symptoms of Lyme Disease: What They Look Like and How They Feel

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Lyme and Chronic Lyme Disease Symptoms can imitate diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Binge Eating Disorder and Lupus. In this video I share my personal experience with Lyme Disease, and I share how the symptoms felt, so that friends, family and doctors can understand what it’s like to live with Lyme, Chronic Lyme, or advanced Lyme.

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Crazee Clayton says:

I’m beating this !! Refuse to lay down ! Fast !! Bone broth !! Lots of supplements! Sweat !!! You wanna be cured then you gotta work hard to fight this disease !

Crazee Clayton says:

This is the best video of all of them on YouTube … thank you 🙂

Crystal Gypsy says:

Everything u described I've been through, an some, I was told I had Lyme 10 years ago, 9 years ago they said I had lupus, now I don't trust docs because they won't treat Lyme

Ольга Кузнецова says:

now you look so strong and energetic. hard to imagine how much physical pain were in your past

karen coe says:

I have been suffering from Lyme disease for almost 5years now and I switched to African alternative remedies for Lyme treatment.
now all the symptoms gone.
am free from Lyme disease.
I got these remedies from an African natural healer called Dr Sambola.
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pjmrees says:

I will be you had babesia which i have.

Joshua McGuire says:

Cute show, wonder how many believe this perf lmao

Artari says:

Wow! Mahalo nui loa. I just discovered your channel. I have Lyme Disease as well. I been looking for a way to heal from this without antiboitics, i am allergic to it. I cant wait to watch how you healed from it… aloha , this gives me hope …Yah bless

Timothy Bolton says:

Did you have bad burning in you xiphoid process area?!

Timothy Bolton says:

Yep, been dealing with this crap for over!!

Lee Stanley says:

oh my I have every one of these symptoms I've been to a bunch of dr's and they all told me there is nothing wrong with me. its in my head.

GLY S says:

I am sure I do have that.
But how, with what kind of test did u found out that you have the lime disease.
Please, I’m desperate.
No one takes me serious.

Lavi Picu says:

Great video! On the dot! Keep up the fight!

Carol Vani says:

Excellent descriptions, spot on! Especially the peeing at night lol.

Neil says:

Lyme Disease is likely 100% curable without any drugs. Given my knowledge of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (which have similar symptoms to Lyme disease), I am suspect that Lyme disease is a TMS equivalent. Which may be 100% curable. If you suspect that you have Lyme disease I would highly recommend that you research Tension Myositis Syndrome – Dr. E Sarno pioneered the research on this.

Redesreds says:

The list looks and sounds like MS bro.

Besides the brain MRI, did you get a spinal MRI and Lumbar Puncture to test your cerebrospinal fluid?!

UrbanExplorer1000 says:

please state references for all these symptoms

Manny V says:

Ya not shitting and shittingbwhennypu dont want to it sucks

Tonya Smith says:

Almost everything you said is what my hubby describes. He recently got diagnosed with lyme/babesia. It freaking sucks!!!

Doogy Dog says:

Bless your heart, so glad you pulled up, you look great now and I am looking forward to listening to your entire story.

Mac Plumber says:

I was diagnosed with CRPS in 2009…….. starting to wonder.

Catherine Whisenand says:

Good video. I can relate to years of doctors telling me I'm crazy.

JonnyLove says:

DUDE! This is ME!

starchildds984 says:

This is me been diagnosed with MS but I think it's Lyme even though tested negative

Sosa Q says:

How do you feel now after curing it?

Daniel DeCesare says:

They have me on doxycycline

Daniel DeCesare says:

Dude im going through exactly that right now..thanks for the vid

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