Smartphone Awards 2017!

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The best of smartphones in 2017! Yes, those are real trophies.

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Top Big Phones [0:51]
Best Compact Phones [2:55]
Best Cameras [4:52]
Top Budget Phones [6:42]
Best Battery Life [8:14]
Best Built Phone [9:45]
Biggest Bust [11:21]
Most Improved [12:10]
MVP [13:12]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8:
Galaxy Note 8 Review:

Razer Phone:
Razer Phone Review:

iPhone 8:
iPhone 8 Review:

Google Pixel 2:
Google Pixel 2 Review:

Samsung Galaxy S8:
Galaxy S8 Review:

iPhone X:
iPhone X Review:

OnePlus 5T:
OnePlus 5T Review:

Moto G5 Plus:
Moto G5 Plus Review:

Huawei Honor 7X:

Essential Phone:
Essential Phone Review:

HTC U Ultra:
HTC U Ultra Review:

HTC U11:
HTC U 11 Review:

Video Gear I use:



aa aa says:

No mate 10 pro? Not even mate 10

Leonardo Aielo Tassi says:

Battery life should be k 10000 pro, with its huge 10000mAh battery

crusherxman says:

Note 8 is no doubt a decent phone, but I thought maybe the S8+ would've been MVP for these reasons (just my thoughts)

– Bigger battery (Note 8 has 3300 mAh, S8+ has 3500, apparently…)
– Better screen-to-body ratio
– More water/dust resistance (due to not having a pen)
– 100$ less with nearly identical features/specs
– Better build design, reason for that is the S8 and S8+ have more-apparent curves on the edges of the phone, making easy to hold it and reach further on the screen.

Great video by the way, love your content.

Steve M says:

Best low light camera on a budget phone?

I like my LG k20 plus, but I've never seen good low light.

I also struggle with long distance shots, although k20 plus is pretty good

LightFlame_ says:

But shouldn'tthe "Best Budget Phone" and "Longest Battery"go to the Lenovo P2? just my opinion. It is 199$ and it has a 5,100 mAh battery

Yann Gorski says:

The note 8 is waterproof and water resistant

Owen Harig says:

Battery? Wheres Oneplus? Huawei?

Cermet says:

Lol loud cameras

Stephen Lomo says:

What wallpaper are u using on the pixel 2. I like it. How can I get it?

Capperboy 600 says:

No one cares about that cheap ass pixel phone lol

Ermyas Kifle says:

mkbhd nothing but respect

Manøs Papanikølaøu says:


william nguyen says:

Did he say “All these phones are doin great, thanks for the money”???

Scott Muhlbaier says:

V30 would have won best AUDIO of the year if he was an audiophile

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