PILOT Who Chased THIS UFO Reveals All

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secureteam10 says:

Correction: It was actually Santa. My bad guys.

Cool Guy says:

It was not a test, it was actually a satellite launch. The 10th times a satellite have been send to space by Space X.

Devinediva111 says:

Why is the word slave on the side of the ufo video?

paradroidx says:

bigalow with his toys

Bruce Weathers says:

At first, I thought someone overloaded a condom.

Vagabond Citi says:

I believe that to fly at that speed the inside of that ship has to have some sort of liquid present to withstand that g force

Zahidul Amin says:

This was spaceX launch

Laurent Barrere says:

that was iridium launch.. why are you call it test?

Kalvin Rauma says:

why is this guy not blinking?? haha

The Wild & Mature Channel: Do Not Enter If You Are Sensitive! says:

I still think that was a ufo. Rockets don't fly horizontal thru go straight up.

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