Summary – Stage 12 – Tour de France 2017

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The 2017 Tour de France starts for the 1st time from Düsseldorf in Germany.
From Saturday 1st of July to Sunday 23rd of July 2017, the 104th Tour de France includes 21 stages for a total length of 3 521 kilometers.

ARU Fabio (ASTANA PRO TEAM) is the Yellow Jersey.

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Desmo Mattia says:

Grande fabio! duro è coraggioso !!!

Louis Bradburn says:

there you go, all of you saying yawn for the earlier stage, have some patience, this was brilliant

Zen Wheel says:

Aru isn't going to hold on to the jersey much longer.

Ufuk Ercan says:

hope someone else froome wins the tour

joe 90 says:

Froome is true Sportsman not like the Italians and Spanish Fuckin Cheats Go Froome dog and Team Sky and Landa do your job and shut your mouth…Tea Anyone

Roberto Di Bernardo says:

seriously? Aru is in Yellow and Bardet is man of the day? whio attached on the final climb? ridicolous

Luigi Brioschi says:

Fabio Aru is the only one who has done something up to now… Bardet is strong but he still hasn't attacked one single time… french are delusional

Luigi Brioschi says:

hahahahahah they cut the only thing that happened (Aru's attack at 300 mt) because it was done by an Italian… the french must have an inferiority complex

emubomber says:

untimely mechanical attack or not, the way Aru danced up La Planche on stage 5, I'm happy he gets to wear the yellow, but I really hope froomedog battles back to win it in the end.

Jay Kan says:

I don't know why people are surprise that Froome got drop on the last 100m that's STEEP. Even funnier that the commentator called it cracking.

Froome has NEVER been a anaerobic kind of guy. He's very good at TT and long climbs, which are both clearly signs of high Aerobic power. That last 100m is super steep and is basically a full blown Z7 blast to the finish…. you know… things that Froome isn't good at…. The more you know, the less surprised you are :3

DuderinoDeux says:

Penalties for two but not a third!

Ricardo Russo says:

what a shit stage..

Dark Matt says:

penalty for Bardet?

Dark Matt says:

Nice….nothing image of Aru who dress the yellow jersey….

James Ambrocio says:

I Frickin knew from the start! Bardet has this tour in the bag.

DontTouchTheWatch says:

First Sagan gets unfairly DQ'd and now Uran gets penalised but Bardet (French) does not for the same offence. What the hell is going on? This is becoming ridiculous now.

Social Network Dragon says:

is it just me, or do these guys look like they could be in a production called "The Holocaust on Wheels"

Yolanda Patiño Bolivar says:

Q bien por Fabio Aru lo felicito

Robert Soriano says:

Why not put the Tour in its entirety on YouTube? Having this thing on cable TV is so … '90s.

Luis Rosano says:

GO GO Bardet. Cogratulation Roman!!!!!! All the people hopes you WIN!!!!!!!!

Commando Master says:

Froome is a beast!

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