Jennifer Lopez Shows Us Inside Her Enormous Closet! | Hollywood at Home | People

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Take an exclusive look inside Jennifer Lopez’s closet. And yes, that infamous Versace gown is hanging in it.
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Jennifer Lopez Shows Us Inside Her Enormous Closet! | Hollywood at Home | People


Narolez Hck says:

Who cares about the clothes….I just care about 1:28…something is popping out….

Marjorie Caballero says:

Idol ms.jlo

Marjorie Caballero says:

Idol ms.jlo

Marjorie Caballero says:

Beautiful ms.jlo idol

Marjorie Caballero says:

Nice pants.

Kimyana Twerktastic says:

And her closet is bigger than any apartment I’ve ever had

Keydy Gradiz says:

Omg love your jeans jlo
But them after saw the video of your closet now i feel like shit.

Stacy Bridgeford says:

haha Jenny from the block is dead

Jalatina1 says:

I love that her closet actually looks lives in and almost “normal”.

Mandelen Mandelen says:

What's the point of collecting so much? Donate it to charity instead of trying to show off how much you have.

Maria Sanchez says:

Quisiera saver que ase con la ropa que a no quiere por si me Los quiere donar ?

Silvana Bareti says:

Jesus Christ ….all my house could be her closet hahhahahahahahahaha

Miriam Cruz says:

Mejores actriz modelo 31 carrera. choset. madrina. ok

Margaret Mitroudis says:

Their closets are larger than my entire house . Just an observation …. is this all necessary ? I love J lo , seen her at country club when she lived in Brookville . Stunning !!!! Closet still too big .lol

Yesim dragojlovic says:

She is soooo pretty!!! ❤️jlo!!

nena cortes says:

Regala algoooo

Sara Prio says:

Luckily Asian age slower than other races and just for a reference, there is a scientific proof behind it too.

Sara Prio says:

Even with all that extravagant lifestyle, her youth is fading. I can see her wrinkles pretty well. Looking old is like a slow death for celebs. It's just too bad that women age so fast. Men always have tons of option in that regard.

Kevin Anantaradon says:

So many Jeans….is she the salesperson at a Jeans store? Pardon me but I DON'T KNOW HER

K. Christensen says:

She look good for her age, but seems to collecting jeans like a husbands…..

Israel Lomelí says:

OMG! But what closet so disorganized, bad taste and humble, looks like her career. LOL This with Mimi does not happen..

Gaspard Gaspard says:

Stupide bitch

Faiza Hanif says:

Oou now that's crazy

JordanAdvice says:


Ziggy Stardust says:

Her home is a poor poor version of Mariah Carey's …. Mariah's closet is the size of her closet

ms. teryosa says:

I just realized, I'm broke. I literally have like, two pairs of jeans.

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