Forget the F-35: U.S Military Has Terrifying Plans for a 6th Generation Fighter

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The Air Force Chief Scientist, Dr. Geoffrey Zacharias, has told Scout Warrior that the US anticipates having hypersonic weapons by the 2020s, hypersonic drones by the 2030s and recoverable hypersonic drone aircraft by the 2040s. There is little doubt that hypersonic technology, whether it be weaponry or propulsion, or both, will figure prominently into future aircraft designs.

The Air Force has begun experimenting and conceptual planning for a 6th generation fighter aircraft to emerge in coming years as a technological step beyond the F-35, service leaders said.


Erik Charles says:

This generation WILL have particle weapons!! Notice they don't talk about weapons #shhhhh

Fatz Treeboy says:

learn some English…….  using Siri does not count

Maurice Bond says:

Remballez votre quincaillerie ! Le jour où le SCENARIO-ZACHAROV vous tombera dessus vous aurez bonne mine ! Idiots !

Jason Guthro says:

I love Trump's comment on our military….."No one is even close".

Mr. Cleary says:

Suuure they are, I just got back from vacation at Alpha Centuri! The weather is awesome in that solar system!

Wm H says:

If its not Unmaned Swarms, Stop Wasting Money, This Steal are money to sell to some other Country Stinks.

kloudkreeper says:

These morons who produce these ridiculous videos with computer narrative think us idiots will believe it's factual. This was a video on the F35. So why would we forget about the F35 while watching the F35?? HELLO!

John Boyt says:

More BS that is not going to happen.

Cheyann Koontz says:

No, was former politicians waste USA tax dollars trump could have made them build 2+ 3 whole new planes someone drug it out look at the ships we putting out now new administration

Raúl Cortés says:

Cool, just what the world needs.

69829Dave says:

Sorry chaps, our short-lived love affair with the F-22 and F-35 cost us rather a ton of money. We don't have many pennies left in the piggy bank to spend on any more super-duper whizz-bang wonder planes.

esoterical73 _ says:

Does it slurp my private space and stop attacking other human farms which other people like me should have the same rights?

[[II II]] says:

just forget the most expensive military project ever.OK

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