Breaking News – Advanced Weapon U.S. Military Prepare To Use Against N.Korea

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NeverTalkToCops1 says:

North Korea is already dark. Just look at satellite pictures taken at night of NK. Small EMP weapons work only against unshielded targets, like officer computers. Large EMP events from a nuclear weapon can wipe out electricity for years, and North Korea only need from 1 to 3 nukes detonated high over US to wipe out over 90% of the population by destroying the electrical "grid". North Korea is STILL ahead because of this, and the ability to deliver nukes not by ICBM, but by a boat or submarine.
Stalemate. Solution is to welcome NK into the nuclear club and negotiate.

Igor Lončar says:

Faraday Cage 🙂

Minigame Madness says:

Why do we show them this? Don't they realize social media is the ENTIRE world? It gives them our plan, just like they gave us their's.


The country which run in PANIC from Vietnam & Somalia is piecemeal for the Russian & Chinese !! They will teach you a lessons learned from Stalingrad but this time the winter is going to be NUCLEAR !!!

Peter Alcindor says:

New weapons Ahahahah this is none of them

DT B says:

Yeah they'll show it on here.

Horacio del Bosque says:

this is all it takes,with no human harmful

Joellen Wortham says:

I agree Phil I'm not bowing down to nobody but GOD Amen Amen

Daniel Wong says:

Mr Kim, you need to escape to China.

fishing4truth says:

Turn down the background music; it's defeating your purpose for posting this video. What good is your video if people can't hear and understand what is being said?

Casique Taino says:

Hey they dont keep it secret?? With this video now China ad Russia will build they oun.

Sean Fagan says:

It is time to force these milatry contractors to put or shut up. Since in my eyes they have done nothing what have we won since ww2 anyone anyone with the amount of money these contractors have been selling dreams and laughing all the way to the bank. When a country like north Korea can hold us at bay when these contractors would have you believe that the trillions of dollars they have stolen from the tax payers could have paid the u.s. debt and we could have still been able to keep a AAA rating but instead a few got super rich while all you sheep work your self to death well staying in debt. Time to wake up the only weapon with anything is trillions of nukes the strongest offensive measure is what is needed in battle. I would rather know their is nothing left of the threat then turning off their computers.

George Lincoln Rockwell says:

Former U.S. Secretary of State, (((Henry Kissinger))), infamously once said, "Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy." That's a glimpse of how elite jews view the U.S. military.

Steven Ecklund says:

Non lethal weapons like this one would have the publics backing* anything that can lower a death toll needs to be a priority

John Hounslow-Robinson says:

Really old school computers.

chris walker says:

Most likely used on us

Gordon mcclure says:

You heard it micro wave weapon technology it's been in use since the 50s and it's being used on AMERICANS homes and cars.

Bamidele Immanuel says:

I don't believe this is a new weapon! They're just declassifying it in an attempt to perhaps use it soon! It's the same as EMP, so wtf?

Conner MEDU says:

I always love reading the obvious Russians commenting on American videos speaking in broken sentences about how the US is a horrible country.

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