F1 Drivers’ Secret Santa 2017

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What did the drivers get each other for Christmas? All is revealed as they open their Secret Santa presents…

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K4D0R says:

Once again Ferrari is out of fun stuff…

Valentin Macannuco-davy says:

Where are vettel and iceman ?

Lazar85 says:

Where are Raikonnen and Vettel?

Naradhipati Andaru says:

No ferrari?

Jack H says:

What happened to the Ferrari boys?

Reed Koehnen says:

I wonder what Kimi would have given as a gift…

markycupko says:

This is awesome, we need secret santa video each year 🙂

B is for Bach says:

Please make this an annual event.

Lee Terry says:

Ferrari you miserable fuckers

Farouk Oumouchi says:

And where is Sebastian

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