Flu Vaccine

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GKJ says:

I wanted to share that I was essentially forced into getting my flu shot every year because I was in a healthcare program in university. They said it was our "choice" BUT if you didn't get it, you couldn't work in hospital or clinic, subsequently you wouldn't complete your mandatory hours, leading to a FAIL. Same scenario when we enter the workforce I've been told. Dr. Bergman hit the nail on the head with the forceful flu vaccination for healthcare workers.

Gerald Davis says:

Yout advice is sick man! I wove you Dr Bergman

frankyoriginal says:

Money money money…

Butfl Insp says:

When pressured or questioned about taking a shot, should ask that / who ever is administering it, if they can justify it, and then if they will take full responsibility for ANY complications that might arise.

Doug Richardson says:

Been getting my flu shot for years and haven't been sick in years.

L J says:

They are trying to scare us in TN saying we will die with this new strain of flu that has hit our state if we do not get vaccinated. I really hate this.

Siobhan Justin says:

actually, the flu shot is not given from 6 months of age, because babies in the womb are being exposed to the Flu Vaccine and the TDaP vaccine. So, really it is vaccines Prenatally until death.

Siobhan Justin says:

Here's an interesting theory regarding the role of Aluminum in vaccine injury including autism put forth by Forrest Maready—https://www.facebook.com/areyoucrooked/

Siobhan Justin says:

Christopher Exley, PhD and his team just found shockingly high levels of Aluminum in the brains of deceased young adults and one deceased 15 yr old—http://healthimpactnews.com/2017/study-record-levels-of-aluminum-found-in-autistic-children-brain-tissue/

calliegal235 says:

Another family member took my mom to her doctor appointment last week. She has dementia and has received chemo for 2 years for metastasized breast cancer (into her pelvic bone). In all other ways, she is pretty healthy. While she was there, the doctor gave her a flu shot; the doctor who told us about sundowning, after reading the note I sent, describing her behavior in the evenings! She's 86! She doesn't go anywhere except to doctor appointments, dentist, hearing aids, eye exams, etc.! Why did she need a flu shot?

M Boyd says:

I knew flu shots were a scam as soon as Walgreens started offering them. Wonder how much they make for each shot given.

ltorres217able says:

it used to be known that if you exposed your child to the flu virus your child's natural immune system would fight this. The more your kids were exposed, the stronger your kids immune system would be based on a healthy diet. My kids hardly ever got sick as a result. I noticed that 20 yrs ago, parents were taking their kids to doctors for stuffy noses and being fed penicillin, causing their immune systems to become weaker over time. My husband had a flu shot when all of this hype was first being pushed and I had to take him to the er. Everyone that I know that gets a flu shot gets sick. My dad had the flu shots and pneumonia vaccine. He died from sepsis from pnuemonia.

Mick Gatz says:

+ Dr.John Bergman > Great seminar, but i notice you have a persistent cough throughout the entirety of your video…..
Either A: You have the onset of the Flu, or..
B: You haven't taken the Surgeon Generals advice and are still smoking cigarettes? 🙂

Frank Twist says:

Here is another reason not to get a flu shot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kl-ghwttAYs  The more flu shots you get, the less effective they become.

harry viking says:

the vaccine madness is only about money!! criminal enterprise!!

harry viking says:

It seems that I am immune against the flu….I am 65 yrs old and in very good shape…and I have never had the flu! I have taken care of people with the flu but I never got it myself! no vaccines other than cholera vaccines when working in the navy.

Great value Bleach says:

I wonder why the doctor doesn’t know there is no thimerosal in the single dose flu vaccine.

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