Lyme disease – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pathology

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What is Lyme disease? Lyme disease is an infection caused by various Borrelia genus, like Borrelia burgdorferi, Borrelia afzelii, and others. The Borrelia bacteria is a spirochete that’s often spread via tick bites, and can cause chronic disease if not treated. Subscribe – More videos – Support us on Patreon –

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Reviewer: Rishi Desai, MD, MPH

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Rosie Ronson says:

chronic lyme exists. i repeat. CHRONIC LYME EXISTS.

Cherry H says:

Here for Avril

Jeremy Murphree says:

Lyme Borrelia live in the skin in the case of Morgellons patients.

Taylor Aboytes says:


Sprsae says:

its a awful disease

Chaudhry Azeem says:

why 23 people disliked it?

The last Children says:

Еп вашу мать , чо не на русском

Sam Love says:

All your videos are excellent. I have used many of your videos on my Pinterest boards. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. The ways you explain medical topics are outstanding.

dinesh upadhyay says:

very informative

:pink clover: says:

Not joking, i thought lyme diseasecwas a disease you could get from limes

Abdulkarim Ala'a says:

عاشت ايدك
Thank u for this informative videos on ur chanal all love from iraq ❤

gandalf says:

I got bitten by a tick 🙁

Laura Kane says:

Unfortunately MOST people do not know they are bit by a tick, DO NOT develop the classic erythema migrans bulls-eye rash and are dismissed by the western medical community. So, with that said, EARLY treatment with antibiotics does not typically occur, and the infection becomes worse and symptoms unbearable. Be an advocate for yourself, learn, read, study and ask for your doctor to order tests that are in their minds "off the beaten path."

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