Utah Jazz vs OKC Thunder – Full Game Highlights | Dec 5, 2017 | NBA Season 2017-18

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Utah Jazz vs OKC Thunder – Full Game Highlights | December 5, 12/5

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Rapid Highlights says:

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Xavier Soriano says:

Yall hyping OKC's win…… but seriously, is beating Jazz really a big deal?
What's worse…. it was a hard earnt win.

Sehyun Yul says:

damnn that mitchel guy is scary

Jovy Lazatin says:

westbrook selfies player ..check your standing you cant adjust your style play your team not going to the playoffs

Faye Derder says:

shit this melo doesnt know how to defense to lazy not the best player to be in okc.fuck that melo

IM2112 says:

wow, looks like it was great game

monti miller says:

It is good to see Melo playing defense and deferring to Westbrook because the offense truly does run through R.W. and P.G.13. If Melo buys into the Thunder's system he could find himself enjoying basketball for the first time in years, at least the early years he first spent in N.Y. when they still loved him!!!

Biz Denardo says:

Russell westbrick another triple-double tonight buuuutttttt 7 tov again

dchef says:

There was a time when there was absolutly no fans in the stands when thunder was losing felt sad to see that

BLNZ says:

Steve Adams really attacking the rim scoring down low now which is good too see rather then just being that average big man who was there too set screens and grab rebounds gives OKC another way of scoring which can space the floor if they got Adams banging down low and deadly shooters and scorers on the outsides #winningFormula

brandon says:

man donovan mitchell is gonna be a superstar

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