HILARIOUS: Putin Laughs At His Minister For Suggesting To Export Pork To Muslim Countries

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Credit to RT Play https://www.facebook.com/RTvids
Watch Putin take a jibe at his Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev for suggesting that Germany exports pork to Indonesia, a predominantly Muslim nation
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Vince Meekmahon says:

Gotta admit, Putin is one man to NOT fuck with.

Im Thrillz says:

Putin: breathes

Everyones online in the US: OMG hes the best jesus!!

Astral 7ight says:

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The New Davinci says:


Fenz Sup says:

We non-muslims in Indonesia loves pork. Send them all here.

SpartiuS94 says:

The US needs someone really like Putin. To eliminate all the oligarchs controlling this country. Rich people of Russia are called oligarchs, but here in the US they are called "businessmen". No they are fucking assholes and need to be taken care of.

Fuzzman says:

"What's the difference?" pretty sums up that politics just talk to only talk.

T3rm3nator says:

translation: HEHEHEHE

Putrawan Channel says:

actually not all Indonesian people are muslim.. in Bali (one of the province in Indonesian) majority is Hindu people,, and Hindu people really likes eating pork..
U should visit Bali man 🙂

Bozo Clown says:

Alexander Tkachev is fucking brilliant – he has turned around the entirety of Russian agriculture.

It is not just Vladimir Putin himself but the Ministers he has appointed.


WOW – they have a leader that knows things!!! How amazing is THAT????

Leonie Ladner says:

Vladimir Putin is the best

LunarX says:

Putin's like, "Lol what are you talking about? We're importing money to the Donald Trump campaign."

Aaron Green says:

I like how at first he tries to play it cool like "this isn't a time to make joke," but then loses it anyway

kurul000 says:

They do eat pork in Israël ! They just call it white beef !

mG says:

indonesia religion is islam

da ve says:

A president laugh about the stupidity of his coworkers and that is making him the best president of the world??

The Infidel says:

Dont let this distract you from the fact that 800 million indian pajeets shit on streets

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