Physics marble track review part one // Homemade Science with Bruce Yeany

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For more information and explanations on any of the tracks demonstrated in this video, see the following posting.

High road low road race part 2
High road low road track race part one
Random answer devices
Identical track race
Galileo’s Inertia track
Activation Energy Analogy
String less pendulum

One last note, I’ve had some comments on me mispronouncing height as heighth. My possible responses:

1. sometimes I get nervous in front of the camera and have moments where my brain shuts down.

2. We grew up pronouncing it that way.

3. We all make mistakes…..but is it really a mistake ?

4.. Merriam Webster dictionary to my rescue- Heighth- expressed as a dialectal variant of the word height. Part that rises or extends upwards, the highest part


Saumyadip .Kumar says:

Everything okay but your prediction track doesn't seem to work well

piere pierouu says:

I am glad you are a teacher

Savage Sean says:

wow so cool!!

Simon Rachou says:

Good pooping video

Joseph Drouin says:

Your slim chance came true

raptorx drawingguy says:

You got 2.1 mil views

Ma5terCrafter says:

The one video that is in the recommended that I have no idea why it’s recommending me it

Peach God says:

"One million view? chances are very slim."

Hits Three Million in a couple weeks

MegaMech 22 says:

this is my new kind of ASMR

Brent Gattis says:

But the bent tracks. They are the same length bent but straightened the metal would be longer. Why haven’t you explained the fact you’re going even faster because you’re covering a longer distance faster. Curved 3 inches straightens out to 5 inches and still covering it faster tha 3 inch almost straight. Explain to the people who don’t realize that

Roger Ellison says:

0:43…heigth? Really?

Vinzenz Schaller says:

Thank you for making physics cool for myself and others

Santa Claus says:

"Chances are very slim for this video getting 1 million views"

Brandon Keffer says:


Robin Paydon says:

Are you from Baltimore Professor Yeany?

Bradley S. says:

Very cool video

Not Funny News ! says:

Will a ball on a short track of the same apogee or drop travel several times more but the same distance or does the inertia of hitting more rapidly shorten the distance or increase the energy and travel further ?

Freddy Smurf says:

HA ! 2MILLION VIEWS that'll teach you to never doubt the internet your calculations were wrong >:D

HeckingJoey says:


Heli Serrano says:

He did get 1M views

Kartik Gupta says:

How can you say it home made…..
But still it is an excellent piece of work

Keanu R says:

Not to take away from this video, but if you are further interested in the "Why" this happens watch this video by Vsauce:

Martin Rumbold says:

Science; proving predictions as bullshit.

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