Top 5 Best Smartphones buy in 2017

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Hello friend’s here is the Top 5 Best Smartphones you can buy in 2017.All smartphones Have Very gerat Spec and functions.All the device’s are flagship. All smartphones are New and recently launched like Samsung Galaxy S8,Sony xperia or Lg G6.All smartphone have good build quality and unique design and better performance and good battery backup.All smartphone work very well.

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Then g6 ad was all about the Camara lol

Omega Gaming says:

is oneplus 3T the best on the list or Samsung s8? I'm confused…


P 10 and XZ PREMIUM is my choice. I like P 10 for its bezelless and it is closely to XZ Premium. XZ Premium for it is the one of a highiest Spec smart phone.

The Last Pilot says:

The phones are smart but unfortunately the people who use them aren't.

abcdef fedcba says:

thank god there is no iphone cuz i hate that shit


a cellphone that can be attached to a helmet or other gadgets.. that would be unique why no one ever invented it?


Example a sphere cellphone but it can transform into a square cellphone. that would be unique.


all phones look the same no unique one ever came out in the market, only their apps change.

Altab Mondal says:

What is this

Sami says:

To me the best phones to buy are

Razor Phone ( Coming soon )
Samsung S8+ ( kinda )

Marco says:

xiami mi6? where?

Todorovic Matija says:

best phone is huawei p10

Anthony Garcia says:

I hate my iPhone my charger keeps falling out of the port

Anonymous says:

I was expecting Razer here, but okay

Grandong lampir says:

The best samsung

Faizan Shah says:

S8 my favourite phone ever

New Xenon says:

g6=galaxy s8

Tyler Glover says:

Maybe I'm old school, but I really don't care about the camera functions being a deciding factor in a phone. If I want to take great photos and videos I'll us my camera. These advertisements should be based on why the phone and software are good

JorenX says:

Anyone know a good phone with rounded display like the lg g6 and a fingerprintscanner for 300 ?

haziq 69 says:

Samsung = Boring

Sjoerd Postma Jr. says:

Useless video! If I wanted to watch commercials then… I'd be watching commercials! 'Top 5 Best Smartphones COMMERCIALS 2017' would have been a better title!

MeGusta Gaming says:

The last one is so satisfying

MeGusta Gaming says:

U need a new phone for " the most perfect selfies"

Smokey Bear says:

wow one plus 5 isnt compatible on verizon

Matti Suutarinen says:

SIZE does matter in cameras.

Matti Suutarinen says:

BS. the cams on phones sucks in low light.

Ahmad Meer Meer says:

I vote the LG G6

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