Mainstream Medical Science Will Be Forced to Admit Royal Rife Was Right

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Note that this video was instantly screened as “not suitable” content as soon as I uploaded it, before I made it live. Something they don’t want people to know?

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bob bigaouette says:

another well done, eye opening expose. Dupont, the big 4 auto makers (at the time), Goodyear all have squashed competitors who brought out superior products in order to maintain their control over the market. And, like the political power struggle we are currently witnessing, the American people pay the price (in many ways) and are on the losing end. I hope there is a special place in Hell for these people.

Fridge says:

I was about to like post a funny rude troll comment but after I watched more of this video I just feel fucking sorry for all of you. I mean seriously you guys are fucking idiots. Jesus.

Sergiu Zarnescu says:

my mother died of cancer…fuck this episode hits hard


Where's the meter?

IZZY IZZM says: radio waves created with crystals! not sound!

Lacey Jacobs says:

the rife theory copy

enter that into the youtube search bar. this is my slid show made it, it says a year ago now. its the video with the notary stamp. i'm very proud but not my best work. was done in a rush to send a lot of info very quickly for a specific someone. but i kept it on here for the heck of it.

Lacey Jacobs says:


Lacey Jacobs says:

oh yeah one more thing, im so sorry to hear about your mom. but im kinda glad this relates to you on a personal level, that means to me only one thing,… more fire and drive. me too.

Lacey Jacobs says:

hello there im sure you'll find this unbelievable,….but,i have his stuff. Original. please contact me here, ill show you proof and you'll trip out. i have been working on a website that will show just about everything i have scanned so far since 2013 or 14. its called the rife theory i used wix. haven't launched yet . i want to have everything possible on there before it gets mysteriously shut down. and so far i am very proud.i might mention right after i came upon this stuff we found out my grandma has cancer and her mom died when she was 13 due to cancer. i just recently found out that i have a lump in my left breast 1 cm x 1cm. i have an off spring and by that i mean nothing can happen to me. so everything i heard you said pretty much you have everything correct except the statement you said that all of rifes research was destroyed or seized. un unh. thats were i come in and then along came you.i happened to notice this was very recent and your views are very impressive. i want to get this info out and into the hand of professionals and another compassionate persons who will take any kind of action even if its to spread awareness. rife had the machine and the scopes to see the right numbers. but also many other factors were involved and even without those machines it could and would do some help in many different areas. plus with this sh#* we might even be so lucky to maybe pull off once again bringing into existence, what rife so desperately strived for.

" The End To All Diseases!!!!!!!! "

thank you for taking your precious time to read this.its not at all a joke, i need help get this out before more time goes by. can you imagine if this communication turned into us saving millions of lives and do other limitless miracles.

P.S. i check into the current info on rife from time to time because i spent so much time and work with this stuff that i try to prioritize it with my own life and try to keep it from taking over and consuming me. because it is very important and i am so very passionate about him and his and his associates work.
PSS thank you for doing something and taking time to keep it current, in due time the good shall be awarded, not by material iteams but by satisfaction knowing that we helped with such strong love and will power, by speaking up and not submitting to the crap that is pushed on us. oh,……. we WILL get there.

John Dory says:

Great informative film. I did already know about this but loved to listen to your voice. I moved over from my normal meds to homoeopathic type Inc colloidal silver herbs and spices etc.. It has worked really well for me and my family. Thank you I will share Channel with my friends.

Joyce Greer says:

Excellent enlightening video. I have said for a long time that there was probably a cure for cancer, but the medical establishment doesn't want a cure. That would dry up a huge multi-billion dollar industry of specialty hospitals, clinics, specialists, equipment, drugs, research, etc. Money comes ahead of human suffering.

Zep Tepi says:

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The AMA just declared apples dangerous.

Searching for Truth says:

in Russia they have regrown organs in rats and humans by using laser holograms in the fifties they have regrown every organ in the body

retractedwan says:

Priore and rife where quantifiably demonstrated to cure cancer and such during thousands of rigorous experiments. Fuck off you monstrous cunt and cure cancer…

retractedwan says:


Brett W.K. says:

That neural headband is straight out of "Do androids dream of electric sheep".  Every Philip K Dick story is slowly becoming reality.

The Flip says:

I surprised YouTube hasn't shut down your channel, this video is being held on one of google's websites and your getting paid for it.

tosca donna says:

When you make the titles, just substitute a character in certain key words so that it is harder for them to search and find your videos. For instance, "weather modification" could be "w3ather m0dific@tion." "Rife" could be "R1fe." That's what other "controversial " channels do.

checktheevidence says:

Folks can read a book by Daniel Haley called "Politics in Healing" – a number of these medical cover ups are discussed in detail. Sadly, the cover up shows little sign of ending in the mainstream, although videos like this help a few more people to learn the truth!

Skeptik says:

As an audio engineer, this absolutely infuriates me

Hector Estrada says:

I just came across your channel yesterday. You have great material. Keep up the great work. Love it! Had to subscribe after watching a few of your videos.

prallund feucht says:

yeah, boys and girls, what you are talking about is called RADIOTHERAPY
and is WIDELY USED in combination with CHEMOTHERAPY which increseases
the ACCURACY OF RADIOTHERAPY. the frequencies you talk about are NOT SONIC FREQUENCIES but ELECTROMAGNETIC in the Radar/Roentgen band…

so you are just going back the path without knowing where it lead…

Ariel Popperl says:

Everything made sense when you named Lee Rockwell…

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