Investing Basics: Futures

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Learn about the risks and benefits of using leverage in the futures market.

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Jonathon McBrine says:

I'm looking for good books on commodity, indices, futures trading strategies. Books that discuss detailed strategies to include, indicators, buy and sell rules etc, something I can code into an algorithm.

Lingyong Wang says:

thanks for sharing!

Jeevitha HM says:

Please speak slowly

Xin Zhao says:

Set the speed (Settings) to 0.75 and then enjoy the video.

Michael Novak says:

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Peter Kirwin says:

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Icon Roman says:

Make a video of options, please

Viq says:

Some of you fuckers are slow. This guy spoke at a decent speed.

slameba says:

"Samurai problems" 😀

Esharido says:

Is this why even though Canada's been in an economic slump for nearly 2 years prices of food and gas and housing refuse to go down?

Jack Maloney says:

Very good video! Thanks for the quick run down.

Myra Jackson says:

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Anna Nelson says:

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James says:

If everyone did this, capitalism would work perfectly

Muhammed CP says:

explanation is not good,,very fast,,,,,and need little more logical answer

Lyes Email says:

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Nikki Flex says:

is this relevant in Canada??

Brandon Alfaro says:

Can i buy stocks even if I'm 16

Matt T says:

Trading futures in my Stock Market Simulation class is such a rush. Good thing there is no real money on the line.

IntentionalTrader says:

Great explanation!

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