Fishing for Pelagics from Shore

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This was the film that started it all for us. Our original channel trailer that made it’s way around the internet, copied and reuploaded a thousand times, some versions with millions of views. Pretty heavy for us but what we learnt was that we had something worth putting all of our energy into, and that’s what we’ve been doing ever since!

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matt g says:

hey, morningtide fishing, your videos have been a huge inspiration to me and i love your vids. idk if you look at old comments just wanted to let you know youve inspired me to explore and fish newer places i never would have if it werent for your vids…. THANK YOU

Alan Jorgensen says:

Big fan, keep it up.

Austin Prosser says:

You guys are fearless, at least wear a lifevest boys haha! And honestly i feel ya, spinning is such an addictive genre when fishing and nobody but the guy throwing the stickys around gets ya.. appreciate the editing, over 70 hours for 4 or so minutes of video really shows the effort put in. Keep the content coming!!!

GetHookedTV says:

THIS IS what makes me keep fishing. You guys inspire me, great vid

Travis Williams says:

Love your vids. Travis williams from Baytown, Tx. FISH ON!!!

Pushin' Water Kayak Charters says:

Enjoyed the vid!

adrian yong says:

the ending so scarry

Big Toe says:

Damn! I wish I had buds to go fishing like that and do all the things you do. Keep 'em coming guys.

Anthony Ang says:

You guys are daredevil

FishermanBob Dog says:

on this very day, gods were born.

Drigo Poster says:

One of the best videos in the world. Awesome

Владислав Гетманский says:

Крутая рыбалка, лайк!

marcus larwa says:

I'm late to the party I just found your channel subbed and in watching all the vids now. Dude these r some sick catches man. I only get fish like that off the boat and I have to go 90mils off shore to the Hudson cannon just to get them.

Fisheries Madeira Island says:

Crazy video and a lot of adrenaline ! great job

Mike Garcia says:

Never get tired of watching your videos. It's just freaking awesome to feel the excitement and I'm not even there! Love the content! Keep being an inspiration to those of us who dream for accomplising these kinds of things.

Botany Bay fisher says:

bro wtf that ending was intense

Josh & jacks Gaming Chanel says:

That must be so fun I am a big fan of fishing stay safe

Bernardino Lopez says:

How many lures have you guys lost by the rocks?

Catching Dinosaurs says:

still one of the best fishing videos i have ever watched

Mike D'Alfonso says:

if i ordered a hat from your sight could you guys possibly sign it?

ryley nagorcka says:

holy f#!k I cracked a fat over this!! ('*o*')

Sabarish Balagopal says:

OMG, towards the end of the video, you had me at the edge of my chair. That was mind blowing and dangerous too. Do take care of yourself and keep the videos coming 🙂 – A fan from India!

ThatInsectDude 01 says:

Awesome looking tuna

KoS M says:

You guys are crazy! Awesome footage tho!

Samuel T says:

always come back to this vid every once in while to get hyped again. good shit fellas

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