Chemo sucks, Pills, and My MOM! | Vlogs: Chemo Day 1

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Hey Lovelies!!

Writing long things during chemo is hard so thats all I’m putting haha Love you guys!

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H. Wolfe says:

You have supporters from around the world that care. You ARE smart, ARE BEAUTIFUL inside and out, without makeup, and only IF it happens again, without hair. Chemo sucks, yea, but your healing is going to trump the hell out of that abomination called cancer;!!!!!Kick cancer's butt woman!

jamie lee says:

I really enjoy your personality but I'm not into beauty that much. Although the topic is unfortunate I really do enjoy the vlogs!! You should do more 🙂 Stay strong, you will make it through and be healthy again <3

Emily Saelens says:

You're mom is so sweet. Stay strong girl

Abby Beers says:

My 27 year old teacher cousin just diagnosed with breast cancer, lymph node involvement, egg retrieval this week went well, starts chemo next week. Then surgery to follow. My soon to be husband his mom has stage 4 lung cancer, my mom survived stage 3 end ometrial cancer, my cousin with cancer her mom had at 40 after giving birth. You are an inspiration. I sent her your link. I don't have cancer yet but blood clots

Wat says:

Why aren’t you allowed to touch chemo pills?

Maria Mckenna says:

Man U HAVE SUCH AN AWESOME mom. What U get sad or discouraged think about how much worse it CLD BE. Imagine if u didn't have UR MOM. You are blessed N I M so happy U HAVE her. UR JUST SO uniquely awesome

Lyssa Bird says:

Wow you look so pretty in this video !!

Iizbiz113 says:

You are so beautiful and strong!!!

Baby Vito says:

Where did you get your toque?

Chelseaa L says:

Stay strong beautiful

Renee Evans says:

You're amazing and beautiful and so brave. All the best of luck to you, and I hope you'll be fully well soon. You're doing so well. Be proud of yourself. X

Bianca Kozakis says:

We love you- from AUS <3

Sophie Yeng says:

I love you girl you are such an inspiration

Paige says:

I can definitely tell a difference in your speech when you take the chemo pills but before that you sounded totally normal so great job working on your speech!! It must be so hard to know what you mean but not be able to relay that to other people because your brain messes up what you’re trying to say!! Praying for you!! God can work miracles!

Miah Malkin says:

I love you so much. I hope you get better soon!!

tara lynch says:

You are so beautiful and courageous! ♡

Georgina Armstrong says:

This is heartbreaking. Hate to be blunt but, you are killing yourself! Doctors are killing you! Chemo is absolutely horrendous and you will not beat cancer with it. You may think it's gone, But give it a few years and it will come back worse all over your body. Chemo causes cancer. Please watch 'The Truth About Cancer' series by Ty Bollinger. Everything you need to know about beating cancer is in that series. Hundreds of doctor and patient testimonials. Cancer doesn't kill, chemo does. Please at least watch it.

Katie Hughes says:

I thought chemo involved going to the hospital? Didn't known it was just pills. Learn something new I guess everyday. Get well.

Katherine Lindsay says:

thank you so much for showing us your experience with cemo! i didnt know after you had chemo you had to take pills for almost a year. just know in the end it will all be worth it! by the way you should vlog your a natural!:)

Heather Hynes says:

does anyone know where her boyfriend is. this young lady is amazing. i have 3 girls and one son and cant imagine watching them go through this. but as a mum you do. she will come out of this so well. love this young lady

V C says:

you are so sweet and strong wow what an inspiration you are to everyone thank you for sharing

safer in The forest says:

Just curious does anyone know why the pills can not be touched

amanda rue says:

Your mom is amazing

Jennifer Boyd says:

I love you Court! You are in my thoughts and prayers constantly, and my husband has been thinking and praying for you too. Love from Ohio!!!!

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