Medical Marijuana for Kids

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Mother says drug helps 12-year-old son cope with severe OCD.


Timothy King says:

This kid just needs a good butt beating. Good for nothing parents.

Trumby says:

thats the idea, just load the kid up with drugs

reyian451 says:

Fuck the psychiatrist.

Devon Lauzon says:

This is dumb

Matthew De Jesus Magic says:

The second guy's desk wasn't messy enough for me to take him seriously.

Jourdain Doeff says:

so if you can't discipline your kids to act correctly, just give them pot?

bassinwith tyler says:

I love how that all these defective illnesses are rising in this generation. Back then, my grandmother said she never had people and or kids like this. Here's the bloody truth that you people won't believe. The vaccines they are giving kids nowadays are giving kids illnesses and death. That's the global elites brainwashing the population at it's finest.

Clorox Bleach says:

Pretty sure hes just autistic

Dred Reiner says:

People gotta start smacking there kids again my dad had a hand made whip rofl so we knew not to do this shit

MyAutismWorld says:


Stephanie LeDuc Vanderyacht says:

It's the only thing that works for my son. ASD, ODD severe anxiety.

Supa Hawt Boiii says:

All I fucking do is self loath and lash out at people. You don’t see me getting bud for that jesus fuck. I have to cop it from my plug

Tony Hill says:

Yo ma where's my weed

Erixx _YT says:

Mom: heaven, cuz i get to meet my real son. Me: and you get to get a little bit high on weed

southernantman says:

Please all it takes is knowledge the truth could change everything we can live in a better world. This plant makes everything from cloth to paper from plastic to fuel and food and it cures so many things. It just takes knowledge please educate yourself.

Anime Girl101 says:

I got really bad back pains. Mabey this could help my pains.

Hayley Boo says:

It's not like they have to smoke it. There's plenty of ways to take it without putting it into your lungs. The other things people are totally fine with children taking is crazy, with tons of side effects, but heaven forbid marijuana. Come on, marijuana is so much better than some of the poisons in medication.

ge st says:

I wonder if all these "Just say no" people realize that cannabis was used widely by doctors before 1937.

Ganjaman says:

Gains 6 points in COD


Hunter Rosier says:

To the fucking assholes who won't legalize weed WEED IS NOT BAD

Immortal Thoughts A.K.A. NoddingJam says:

fucking ABC bullshit yes this is hate speech

Michael Hawkins says:

Future school shooter in the making

Fallen Angel says:

Oh noo, theres erious proboems with these kids when they smoke weed? Like not being aboe to focus perfectly? What about if thay didnt have it, not being able to focus at all because of their disabilities, or maybe tye self destructive behaviour of biting and scratching and cutting? Is that less serious than getting high to help? Who has ever died from smoking weed? Compared to how many people have died from hurting themselves?

Rick Simpson Oil Cures says:

I want to know how precious MMJ strain can be .
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Thegamingmaniac33 says:

society has brainwashed everyone and people just let it happen. so its okay to give kids prescription anti-depressants, amphetamines, etc. its funny because we think the prescription drugs are safe, but they are waaay worse than people think. pills are man-made. marijuana has been around forever. we need to reverse this brainwashing.

loren young says:

2:13 That's some trash ass weed.

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