Nuclear Physics

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Nuclear fusion and fission, gamma rays, neutron scattering & capture, alpha & beta decay, binding energy, and many other topics.

Important Correction: At 13:57, the proton is converting into a neutron.

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nice tutorials'

Dhirendra Kumar says:

Excellent explanation..

John Smith says:

First of all, thanks for the great videos! better than many professors 🙂
Maybe I'm confused about something here, but it seems like the graph at 1:34 isnt entirely correct. You described it as how much mass is missing per nucleon when they are first combining together. So for helium, the mass is actually lower than 2 protons and 2 neutrons. Nothing wrong or confusing here, but when we get past Iron, the graphs slowly starts declining, but is still positive (!), which would imply that for an element heavier than Iron there must still be less mass in the Nucleus than the sum of the mass of the Protons and Neutrons together, because the graph is still "above the x-axis". But then you go on to explain how Nuclear fusion with heavy elements requires energy instead of releasing it. I think the actual graph that you should have used is the derivation of the one you showed.
Perhaps I'm missing something here, but something doesn't seem to be adding up here, quite literally :D.
Great Video though!

pjosip says:

I am so glad I found this channel

Craig Hammett says:

So energy disappears from the universe?

YouTube Rocks says:

This makes me hungry for some reason?
@@ Yep!

zdx says:

this channel is made by a physics god. No textbook or guidebook i've seen have been able to explain this clearly. Didnt expect the politics tho

chase geiger says:

what software is used for these physics simulations?

away5 says:

can you do a video on types of matter we discovered?

Ershad Tantry says:

I just love watching these wonderful videos.These have made me love physical sciences, more than ever..Thank you, Eugene for this great work.

JustCallMe MASTER says:

keep going really good animated explaining

Chicken Mike says:

Watching video – brains become excited.

Finished – decay starts.

Result? A C+ in physics.

insylem says:

Are you sure about the Gama ray photons from Nuculeas? I thought a Gama Ray was just a high enegery electromatic wave (Photons) just shorter wavelengh than X-Rays. Or is it impossible for an electron going down an enegery level to make a Gamma Ray because there is too much enegery?

harsh singhal says:

then answer my one question.consider the following things that happen during decay of nucleus through several methods.
n0 — p+ + e- + v*e
n0 — p+ + e+ + ve
p+ + e- — n0 + ve
here, n0 = neutron
p+ = proton
e- = electron
e+ = positron
ve = electron-neutrino
v*e = anti electron-neutrino
then combine the above three equations to get
e+ + 2ve — e-
does this suggest that an electron is made up of a positron and two electron neutrino (which contradicts with the fact that an electron is an elementary particle)??

irfan hassas says:

very nice method of explation

JiraiyaTV says:

I wouldn't say that the mass "disappears"

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