Nuclear Physics: Crash Course Physics #45

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It’s time for our second to final Physics episode. So, let’s talk Einstein and Nuclear Physics. What does E=MC2 actually mean? Why is it so useful to us as physicists and humans? In this episode of Crash Course Physics, Shini sits down to go over the basics of it all.


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astitva sharma says:

Crash course math plss!!

kondapalle yuvaraj says:

loved this gave me better idea about this

marcus2118c says:

Do more nuclear physics episodes, they're great!

mag netron says:

think I will make a ——– counter hhmmm cool I got some Darlington Transistors!!!! screams like a girl ahahaha!!!!

Alksandra Pawluczuk says:

i do not believe it it is so wrong it does not make sense they do not even know how it looks like damn this is scientology

Tsubaki Ino says:

umm at 6:30 is it a FullMetal Alchemist Reference? or is it just me? The little picture I mean.


timcritt says:

This topic was doing my head in for ages. I get it now, thanks so much!

timcritt says:

Is that a bottle of Nuka-Cola on Einsten's desk?

Zack Salstrom says:

Got lost about 1:30 in. Ill just watch dog videos instead…

Pranav Sai says:

What's up with the Fullmetal Alchemist references?

Melanie S says:

Almost graduated high school and I FINALLY completely understand E=mc2.

ivan triponoff says:

slow down take a breath

krishankant maithani says:

Hi there. I have a question. Why does a neutron exist ?

James B says:

Correction: confirmed Half-life 3 is NOT coming 9:21

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