The SURPRISING results of Weight Loss Surgery – Good and Bad

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in this video I talk about my recovery of weight loss surgery both the physical and mental impact it has had on me. we talk about how it changed me mentally as well as helped me lose weight.


Divine0rder C says:

Boogie we are watching your success story

toxman99 says:

Good for you dude. I bet food bills have gone down drastically too which is a plus.

Stephanie Charriere says:

I really don't think this would work for me. I eat until it hurts many times a week. I want to keep the flavor in my mouth for as long as possible

Sultan Hazel says:


itsbrian351521 says:

I'm proud of you Boogie

itsbrian351521 says:

Looking good you're my favorite YouTuber I'm proud of you

OO XMAN OO says:

You’re gonna get pretty small my mom had the same surgery

Timothy McGuinness says:

Stay strong boogie!

Captain Underpants says:

Hey man glad your okay and I’m recovering from leukemia and some of the bad things are similar to my difficulties so I feel you glad your doing good

TJ Blinstrubas says:

I'm so glad your doing better

- Azora - says:

This is a huge improvement for what you are doing. keep going

Will Whitez says:

Congratulations i wish you the best we are here for you the mean spirited assholes we are we still care about you bro.//

LunarNightLights says:

you're still really uninformed, STARVATION MODE DOES NOT EXIST.

Dori'sJourney says:

New follower! Keep going and keep your chin up

Hush Whisper says:

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m47theduck -stream team and more says:

He's no longer pregnant

Reynaldo Rodriguez says:

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Dezeria says:

"Hey kids, can we turn the air up? Cause I'm fuckin' cold." I giggled.

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