Best Advertisement ever-Winner of Best Ad 2014

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Inspirational Video ad
This ad makes you think
Really heart touching…
Inspirational video ad!


Raphaela Djurovic says:

I think I have something in my eye

Ronan Ward says:

🙁 Why can't an inspirational advertisement like this, be for charity, or to raise awareness of the small good people can do. Instead it's for a Life Insurance Business, which makes money off people's paranoia about dying early and leaving their family alone. Great advertisement though, well done.

Oscar Michiari says:

It really make cry

Raj Soniminde says:

Its just beautiful.Wonderful!!!!

Umme Aiman says:


Julianna Ramirez says:

This was amazing

Jenny Lin says:

i wish i had done that

syed hussian says:

I subscribe u for this

Abi Lohonda says:

The most beautiful and meaningful ad i ever seen …im trying to change myself i wish everyone to have a try … life is beautiful when you make others happy 🙂 <3

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