BREAKING NEWS Out Of California- This Is NOT Good

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BREAKING NEWS Out Of California- This Is NOT Good
Apparently in Oakland, California, the city council would rather protect illegals that are part of human trafficking and child trafficking and punish LEO if they step in to provide aid to ICE agents that are taking down these scumbags.

What in the hell is wrong with humanity? Is California so lost in their own corruption and delusions that they now work with the Mexican Cartels and punish LEO for doing their jobs? Anne Kirkpatrick, Oakland’s police chief, is facing an Internal Affairs investigation because she aided federal agents arrest an illegal immigrant in a sanctuary city, Fox News reports.

A formal complaint by a city commissioner, and questioning by furious City Council members — all because of her role in helping a federal illegal immigration crackdown in the sanctuary city, is what has lead to Internal Affairs stepping in.Plainclothes agents working in Homeland Security Investigations, the criminal division of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, executed a search warrant on 27th Street near Martin Luther King Jr. Way around 6:30 a.m. while Oakland police officers blocked off traffic in the area.

Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick said in a statement that Homeland Security on Tuesday requested the presence of marked Oakland squad cars and uniformed officers, which she authorized, to help with traffic control and “officer safety not only for them but the safety of those on the scene.”


Steve Zion says:

We are either part of the problem or part of the solution…No in-between. Too many "deaf ears"…It's up to US

Janice Matthess says:

Before the fires, we had a beautiful state. We are drowning in illegals and criminals. The democrats believe they will continue to win all elections if they let in and protect all of the illegals and criminals. We need HELP, we are being destroyed.

MMs StarNet says:

was the Mehican drug cartel that started some of the Sonoma fires that took out Santa Rosa.

Yvonne Sommerfeld says:

Get rid of your robot voice. You'll get more supporters if you do. Hiding?

Onewhocares Message says:

We need to pray for California. Demons are controlling the states from the north to the south even the churches are being corrupted,we need to clean the swamp. Heaven help us

Robert Miller says:

Hell yah!  Come one come all.  Once making land fall head to the nearest California State agency do get your first dole out of cash, food stamps and an appropriate pistol with ammunition needed for your occupation.

conservative deplorable says:

Illegals have to go

MAGA says:

Let California drop into the sea, please.

Suzann Puppies are precious says:

I think it's better to make Marijuana Legal and get the Cartels out of business in our Country . Just grow it in hatcheries in America and Keep Strong Cameras and Military protection around it because you know the Cartels will try to burn them.
Just sell it like Alcohol and Tax it . New Revenue for California it's better to have it Legal than have crimes in the Cities. We need the Wall for America's protection and our Military Guarding our own side of the Wall in the United States of America.

Suzann Puppies are precious says:

Anne Kirkpatrick needs to be removed if she isn't working with our Law's removing of illegals in our country.
Anyone breaking our Federal law's needs Prison time and should never hold any Government office .
She needs a good 15 year's prison sentence for a Federal Crimes against our country America. Maybe the rest of the Leftist Liberals Democrats will learn a Lesson or take away Her Citizenship and deport Her to Mexico with the rest of the illegals and let everyone know we mean business, Enough is Enough let's get the Swamp Creatures out of OFFICE.

Daniel Webb says:

they need to put that browns ass in the ground for good he is a traitor to our country

Michael Chambers says:

california doesnt belong in union it is a vacation destination no place to live unless your mexican or a slave owner with a ranch and factory or porn studio.

Raymond Bush says:

all fake news!!!

Raymond Bush says:

all fake news

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