PUTIN’S HIGH FIVE: What Did Putin and Trump Chit Chat About!?

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Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump had a cordial chat on their way to a group photograph of summit leaders. The pair later stood next to each other in the second row for the photo.
Putin receives the coolest high five from Peruvian president at APEC, Vladimir Putin meeting Pedro Pablo Kuczynski at APEC photo op giving a cool moment
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Rocky Castro says:

trumps has puties endorsement!!!

vladimir shandilya says:

thats the mantra to kill every problem in this world RUSSIRICA

Matt Kolb says:

I like when the news reel just rolls and no idiot is talking over it.

In America we need some fool in a suit and tie to read off a monitor what is actually happening in front of us*

Sian Waller says:

This is wonderful. I named my kitten Vladimir Putin, after my hero.

Benjamin Hansen says:

Putin much prefer Trump over the discusting Obama.


Glory to NATO and the US, lads! When cancer is eventually beaten, where do you think cure will come from – the West or Russia? 😀

Amerimechcan Guy-Engineering says:

Humans belong in a hole.


Long live the great Russia/USA relationship.

Amerimechcan Guy-Engineering says:

Rasputin that trump.

shophet125 says:

This is proof that Putin has ties to the Kremlin!
Wake up, sheeple!

Walid E says:

XD Russia Insider , Putin allows such thumbnails ?

English Patriot says:

President Trump and Putin look very relaxed with each other.God bless them both.

Wynter Moon says:

Apparently, Putin can speak English.

Стаф Курт says:

Трампу даже переводчики не нужны))

Adam Russell says:

That’s dead tight. My guinea pig is ginger. Trump had a nice silver toner put in at one point. Seems to have washed out. Or my telly is on the blink.

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